Maimane to table a motion calling for Parliament to be dissolved

Leader of the Democratic Alliance Mmusi Maimane. (Reuters)

Leader of the Democratic Alliance Mmusi Maimane. (Reuters)

After Tuesday’s failed motion of no confidence, Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane has announced his party’s new plan to try to chuck President Jacob Zuma out of office: the party will table a motion for Parliament to be dissolved and for an early general election.

Maimane made the announcement on Wednesday, saying that South Africa cannot wait until December – when the ANC’s elective conference will take place – for President Jacob Zuma to be removed. An early general election, he said, is the “responsible thing” to do.

“South Africa cannot wait for December – that is a pipe dream. The change we need, and the new beginning we all want, will not come from an ANC elective conference in December. We need a new government, and a new beginning, now! That’s why we need fresh elections and a fresh mandate,” he said.

The DA leader called on members of the ANC to support the DA’s motion, which will be tabled on Thursday. He said the Constitution states that if a resolution is taken by members from the National Assembly for it to be dissolved then the president must allow it to be dissolved.

“It is the DA’s view that this is the most appropriate way to ensure a legitimate government is in place, one which the people of South Africa have full confidence in. Moreover, we call on those within the ANC – who are against corruption, looting and state capture, to vote in support of our motion to dissolve Parliament,” he said.

On Tuesday, Zuma escaped the motion of no confidence after 177 MPs voted for him to go and 198 voted for him to stay. There were nine abstentions. More ANC members voted for Zuma to be removed in this motion of no confidence than on the previous seven occasions when a vote took place. This time, at least 26 ANC MPs voted for his departure.

Zuma has accused opposition parties of buying votes from the ANC caucus. Maimane, however, has lauded those ANC MPs for taking a stand against corruption.

The DA leader said the party would continue to pursue legal action against Zuma and other members of the executive involved in state capture. 

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