Investing in the Future Skills Development Award

IT THYNK partnered with Microsof to produce skilled IT technicians and software developers

IT THYNK partnered with Microsof to produce skilled IT technicians and software developers

Due to the need for skilled IT professionals in South Africa, IT THYNK approached Microsoft in September 2016 to sponsor a programme that would: 1) provide internationally recognised accreditation to IT graduates from the Tshwane University of Technology; 2) provide a skills development programme to unemployed graduates and 3) provide IT THYNK with skilled IT technicians and software developers who could service its clients.

Microsoft partnered with us and a total of 59 graduates have received technical and soft-skills training from September 2016 to date. This group wrote 121 Microsoft exams and 75 passed (61% success rate). Twenty-four graduates now have jobs and 18 are on the programme until February 2018. The programme has had a 58% placement rate (excluding 18 graduates who have not completed their program). Four graduates from this programme are now employed at IT THYNK, with two taking up management positions and the other two servicing the company’s clients.

Nature Care Fund

Through the Cape Town Environmental Education Trust, the Nature Care Fund was established in 2007 to facilitate the management of conservation projects on public and private land not currently part of the City of Cape Town’s Biodiversity Network. The Nature Care Fund supports and facilitates conservation efforts on eight conservation projects, namely: Atlantic Beach Golf Course Conservation Area, Burgher’s Walk Conservation Area, The Gantouw Project, Kenilworth Racecourse Conservation Area, Milnerton Racecourse Conservation Area, Muizenberg East Biodiversity Cluster, the Strandfontein Birding Area and the Western Leopard Toad Underpass Project.

The Nature Care Fund provides employment opportunities for many youths (over 50 internships and learnership positions in 2016) on these flora and fauna conservation projects. Each of the conservation areas have a dedicated conservation manager who is supported through the Nature Care Fund. They monitor critically endangered vegetation; implement rehabilitation programmes; create awareness; manage cleanups; survey and protect endangered animal species such as the Western Leopard Toad; and manage ecological burns and alien invasive species.

Since the establishment of the first conservation area, the Nature Care Fund has continued to

grow and has achieved the successful establishment of several conservation areas that are sustainably managed, maintained and invested in.

Green Office

GreenABLE is a registered non-profit company which incubates, educates and employs previously unemployed black individuals with disabilities. It is the only organisation in Africa to have pioneered and developed a solution for the recycling of printer cartridges, through which it significantly contributes towards the green economy goals. The objective is to change the lives of people with disabilities by closing the skills gap through adult education and training, while facilitating workplace experience.

The organisation also facilitates employment opportunities within and outside of the sector for its beneficiaries, who, because of their lack of educational qualifications, are often not able to access the mainstream economy.  GreenABLE is a unique workplace incubator for people with physical disabilities, bridging their skills gaps and creating jobs from waste, while helping to preserve the environment.