Slice of Life: ‘I have to talk to Mama’

Jason Afrifa Thompson (Oupa Nkosi)

Jason Afrifa Thompson (Oupa Nkosi)

I saw Uncle Joseph had them. Then Mama. Then Anesu.
I also wanted the shoes because they are white with blue and red. They are so nice. So I asked Mama over and over and she said if I did well at school I could get them too.

One day she surprised me with the same shoes. I was so happy. I can’t wear them at school because Gogo says I will make them dirty. I only wear them when I go somewhere special.

My birthday is next month. I am turning seven. I’m very excited to see my friends and eat cake. I am going to wear my shoes. I already know what I am going to wear. I can even tie my shoelaces by myself now.

Gogo says I am better than my uncle Martin because I learned how to do it quickly. He used to wear them banana [on the wrong foot]. Gogo laughs every time she tells me about it.

I do not know where I will have my party but I have already spoken to Mama about it. You can come too. Gogo and Grandpa will be there too. 

I am going to have balloons, a big chocolate cake and everyone will sing. Then after that, we are going to the arcade because I like it there. I do not have to go to school on that day, which is not bad, but I do like my school.

I am in grade one this year. Last year I was at another school but it was for babies. Now I am at a big school. Maybe my friends Rodrigo and MacKenzie will be there. I will have to talk to Mama about it. I want them to see my shoes. — Jason Afrifa Thompson (6) as told to Kiri Rupiah

Kiri Rupiah

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