PODCAST: Examining Dr Death

(Graphic: Sound Africa)

(Graphic: Sound Africa)

One summer morning in 1997, a man was arrested in a park in Pretoria. In his possession, was a plastic bag full of party drugs. The man was Wouter Basson, popularly known as Dr Death. 

Basson was the head of the apartheid-era chemical and biological warfare program ‘Project Coast’.
Today, he works as a cardiologist in a private practice in Durbanville outside Cape Town. This Sound Africa podcast revisits the story of Wouter Basson. 

Sound Africa tries to find out who keeps him in the medical business, why they do it, and ask Basson himself what he believes his legacy is.

Sound Africa is supported by the Open Society Foundation’s Project for Independent Journalism and Hindenburg Systems. Every two weeks another episode will be released here and on Soundafrica.org. For more, follow Sound Africa on FacebookTwitter or listen to all our documentaries on iTunesSoundCloud or our website. 

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​Sound Africa

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    ​Rasmus Bitsch

    Rasmus Bitsch is a co-founder and Editor of Sound Africa. He is a journalist and writer dedicated to developing and promoting creative non-fiction radio and podcast in South Africa. 
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