Aarnout Brombacher
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/ 10 May 2007

A helpful lifeskill

Mathematical literacy aims to develop more effective self-managing individuals, contributing workers, lifelong learners and critical citizens. With mathematical literacy we are not only concerned with teaching students the mathematical skills needed for each of these life roles, but also with developing appropriate attitudes and values to contribute responsibly to the world in which we live.

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/ 7 February 2007

Number crunching

Your bank sends you a letter offering you a chance to enrol in its "points" programme. For an annual fee of R180, you will earn one point for every R6 you spend on your credit card. For every 2 400 points you accumulate, you will receive a R100 gift voucher. You can also use your points to buy air miles: three points buys one mile; 20 000 miles buys a domestic flight. Do you join the programme?