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Record turnout in Hong Kong legislative election as anti-Beijing sentiments increase

Record turnout in Hong Kong legislative election as anti-Beijing sentiments increase.

Corsica refuses to drop burkini ban, becomes the third French town to do so

“The population of Sisco lives in permanent fear. There are many provocateurs here ... We are living on a powder keg,” he said.'

Donald Trump’s campaign denies advocating Hillary Clinton’s assassination

Trump suggests gun rights supporters could stop Hillary Clinton, remarks considered by US media as a hint to assassinate her.

German-Iranian shooter kills nine before turning gun on himself

Munich evacuates public places and deploys special forces after shooting rampage.

Turkey mulls reinstating death penalty: ‘Coup organisers will have to pay the price’

Turkey is considering reinstating capital punishment after a failed coup this year. However, this could complicate its bid for EU membership.

History repeating itself: A timeline of Turkey’s coups d’état

The country's military has considered itself a defender of the state's secular democracy since its first political intervention in 1960.

Zambia’s electoral commission halts campaigning in the capital for 10 days following the death of opposition supporter

Police opened fire on the opposition United Party for National Development supporters after the party refused to cancel a campaign meeting in Lusaka.

Germany moves to approve ‘No means No’ law to broaden their legal definition of rape

Currently, victims reporting a rape to police must not only demonstrate that they verbally declined sex but also that they physically resisted.

Obama to leave 8 400 troops in Afghanistan instead of the bigger withdrawal he promised

President Barack Obama has announced that he intends to slow the pace of Afghanistan troop withdrawal.

Brexit fallout: David Cameron leaves a rudderless ship to meet EU leaders in Brussels

David Cameron's trip comes amid deep political uncertainty in Britain after he failed to convince Britons to vote to remain in the EU.

United States Senate stonewalls gun control bids in wake of shooting at Orlando LGBTI nightclub

The Orlando massacre, the worst mass shooting in modern American history, has seemingly done little to influence lawmakers to clamp down on guns.

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