Alistair Scrutton

India eyes role as ‘wind superpower’

India might be painted as a pollution-spewing, global-warming economy of one billion people but it is also one of the world's biggest wind power users, part of a focus on renewable energy mostly unnoticed in the West. Years of tax incentives have helped make India one of the fastest-growing markets for wind power, a major component of renewable energy.

Making sense of India through a fog of acronyms

They challenge your newspaper literacy, interrupt otherwise intelligible conversations, and add to the difficulty of finding your way. The culprits: India's endemic acronyms, abbreviations and initials. Bureaucrats across the world pack official reports with them, but India distinguishes itself by relishing in their everyday use.

‘Paradise on Earth’ struggles to seduce tourists

As ski resorts go, Kashmir's Gulmarg must rank as the most militarised on earth. The mountain road is peppered with security checkpoints and a High Altitude Warfare School lies nearby. Troops squeeze into a cable car with rifles between their legs. On the slopes, some tourists openly worry if mines are buried under the snow.

Sadhus showcase spirit, eccentricity of India fest

Surrounded by throngs of Hindu pilgrims at India's biggest religious gathering, holy man Kanhaiya Lal Maharaj says he has balanced a water pitcher on his head for 24 years and has the dent in his skull to prove it. ''This is a moving temple, like a mobile phone,'' he said, perched on a stool and showing the pitcher to onlookers.

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