Andrew Gray

US troops may be in Iraqi cities beyond next June

The top US commander in Iraq said on Saturday that some US may remain in Iraqi cities after next June, even though a pact calls for their withdrawal.

Obama faces daunting wartime transition

President-elect Barack Obama will quickly face big decisions as the US undergoes its first wartime change of administration since the Vietnam era.

Pentagon chief in Iraq to transfer war command

US Defence Secretary Robert Gates flew into Baghdad on Monday, preparing to hand command of the war in Iraq to a new general.

US missile hits spy satellite

A missile from a United States navy warship hit a defunct US spy satellite 247km above the Earth in an attempt to blow apart its tank of toxic fuel, the Pentagon said on Wednesday. It was too soon to tell if the fuel tank had been shattered in the operation over the Pacific Ocean, the Pentagon said in a statement.

Pentagon: No extra US troops to be based in Africa

No extra United States combat troops will be stationed in Africa as a result of plans to create a US military command for the continent. The headquarters will have a strong focus on helping African nations train their security forces and will include more US government civilians than other regional command centres.

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