Angela Doland

Rebels overrun capital of Chad

Rebels penetrated the capital of Chad on Saturday, clashing with government troops and moving toward the presidential palace after a three-day advance through the Central African nation, a French military spokesperson and witnesses said. Witnesses reported looting and gunfire near government buildings.

French museum looks at rugby as art

There's no question that great athletes take their sports to the level of art. But as the French host the Rugby World Cup, they're pushing that concept a step further by bringing rugby into an art museum. It's a genteel Parisian touch to a sport more often associated with muscle, body-crunching tackles.

New book: Jim Morisson died in nightclub toilet

The official story goes like this: on the last night of Jim Morrison's life, the rocker went to a movie in Paris, listened to records, fell ill and died of heart failure in his bathtub at age 27. But rumours and mystery have always swirled around the death of the Doors frontman, and now a former Paris nightclub manager is telling another story.

French youth ask for steady jobs, not big dreams

When student demonstrators in France wore trash bags to protests, their message was: ''We're not disposable.'' Officially, they are angry about a new government job plan that makes it easier for employers to hire and fire them. But that was just the tipping point.

As easy to ignore as an elephant in the living room

It starts out as a normal day at a typical American high school: Friends gossip in the cafeteria. A young photographer snaps portraits for his portfolio. A shy girl endures taunts from classmates in the locker room.

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