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Just how far can South Africa’s courts reach?

The courts are increasingly turned to because of Parliament’s failures and the political mess.

Could the chief justice theft have anything to do with Ntlemeza, Dlamini defeats?

Stealing computers from the chief justice goes to the heart of questions about our democracy.

State failed, not the Constitution

Populists lift their middle finger to a 100-year fight for rights to freedom, equality and, yes, land.

​ICC case shows executive can’t act unilaterally

A high court ruling exposes government’s poor legal advice and ignorance of   the Constitution.

Trump, our Constitution and when bullshit runs wild

Bullshit's purpose is to drive a political agenda that does not have the people’s wellbeing at heart.

OPINION: Public protector’s report fails to make a case against Absa

Instead, it relies on the Ciex report, which is little more than a sales pitch by a bounty hunter.

​Pace of lawfare will pick up in the year ahead

Stakes are even higher in the courts this year as a number of important cases are due to be heard.

Justices disagree: Is this the beginning of the end of a divide in the ConCourt

Dissent between the justices hints that some favour the executive, a worrying shift particularly at this time in South Africa’s political affairs

​Only the courts and citizens are left to fend off our lawless state

The NPA and the Hawks are corrupt and no longer nonpartisan, and so their leaders must go.

​Appeal court ruling sets parameters for protest at universities

Students can protest vehemently but not violently and ‘f*** white people’ is an opinion, not a threat.

​Abrahams could face legal action if his charges against Gordhan were unfounded

The National Prosecuting Authority head needs to justify the charges against the finance minister.

The endgame nears for Zuma and his NPA appointee

A Constitutional Court ruling may result in the president finally facing 783 criminal charges.

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