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Carl Collison

New report to reveal South Africans’ attitudes to homophobia and gender noncomformity

"The results convey the considerable effort still required to ensure that society understands and respects the rights of LGBTI people in the country."

Legal rep: Postponement of Jon Qwelane’s hate speech case is a ‘travesty of justice’

Qwelane's poor health was cited as a reason for the deferral of the case.

​Free expression or hate speech, and what it means for the Jon Qwelanes

The stage is set for a high court trial that should provide clarity on sections of the Equality Act.

Caster Semenya’s body is being claimed by self-important armchair pundits

'Her body, seen as an anomaly, is no longer hers. It “belongs” to sports bodies, media houses and quick-on-the-draw armchair pundits ... '

Nonbinary comes out of the in-between and takes centre stage in modelling

A model and casting agency has decided to add a division for people who don’t identify as either male or female, making it the first in the country.

Slice Of Life: Sisa Sodlala shoots everyone and everything in Jozi

How photography gives former shelter child a voice.

​Flight to safety: A lesbian’s story of persecution in Uganda and her SA experience

A refugee tells Carl Collison about being hunted by soldiers, attacked by fellow Ugandans and seeking sanctuary in SA, where she was raped – twice.

LGBTI people in Uganda under threat, but undeterred

Despite the government’s efforts to criminalise them, and the spike in lynchings and violence, people’s spirit hasn’t been broken.

ANC and DA in neck-and-neck race to win Jo’burg; EFF could decide their fate

Election results so far show that the battle for the City of Johannesburg will go down to the wire.

Party vs person at core of Durban voters’ dilemma whether to vote for gay candidate

Should NGOs pin their colours to the mast in the political candidates they openly support?

A couch that creeps into fashionistas’ hearts

As the name suggests (songololo is the isiZulu word for "millipede"), the inspiration for the design comes from nature's ubiquitous creepy-crawlies.

The people’s pictures

Moses and his 14-strong collective mean business. Feeling rejected by the Month of Photography (MOP), currently sweeping Cape Town, they formed their own fringe event, cheekily named the Month of People's Photography (MOPP), Carl Collison finds out.

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