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Christian Lowe

Russian Aeroflot plane crashes, 88 people killed

A Russian Boeing 737-500 airliner crashed near the Ural mountains on Sunday, killing all 88 people on board, officials said.

Russia hits back at Western ‘bias’ over Georgia

Russia accused the Group of Seven nations of ''bias'' on Friday in a fresh attempt to counter condemnation of Russia's actions in Georgia.

Smallest spark could start war in Georgia regions

On wooded hillsides where Georgian and separatist troops eye each other through the sights of their guns, the smallest spark could set off a war.

Medvedev vows to uphold Putin legacy

Russia's next president Dmitry Medvedev pledged to uphold Vladimir Putin's policies on Monday after a big election win that critics said was stage-managed to let the outgoing Kremlin leader keep his grip on power. Medvedev (42) who will be the youngest Russian leader since Tsar Nicholas II when he is sworn in on May 7, has asked former KGB spy Putin to be his prime minister.

Russia’s Medvedev set for Presidency

Dmitry Medvedev was elected as Russia's next president, early results showed on Sunday, after a vote that will preserve the power of his mentor President Vladimir Putin but which opponents said was unfair. Medvedev, a 42-year-old former lawyer who has worked at Putin's side since the 1990s, will take over the trappings of the Presidency from his patron in May.

Russia says it will move Aids prisoner to hospital

Russia's prison service bowed to international pressure on Thursday by saying it would transfer Vasily Alexanian, an inmate gravely ill with HIV/Aids, to a specialist clinic. A former vice-president of the now-defunct Yukos oil company, Alexanian says he is nearly blind, has cancer of the lymph nodes and suspected tuberculosis.

Russian court refuses to release sick oil boss

A Russian court refused bail on Wednesday to a jailed oil executive who is gravely ill with HIV/Aids, the latest ruling in a case that has put Russia in breach of an order from the European Court of Human Rights. Vasily Alexanian (36) has said he will die unless he is transferred from his Moscow prison to a specialist hospital.

Observers say Russia’s poll ‘not fair’

International observers declared on Monday that Russia's parliamentary elections failed to meet widely accepted democratic standards, saying President Vladimir Putin and his government abused their power to favour the dominant Kremlin-backed party while opposition forces were harassed.

Russia says UK is politicising Litvinenko case

Russia accused Britain of politicising the case of murdered Kremlin critic Alexander Litvinenko on Friday and said the affair was hurting the two countries' relations. ''We see attempts from the British side to use the criminal case to build up some sort of political campaign,'' said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Former Russian president Yeltsin dies

Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin, who buried the Soviet Union and then led Russia through its chaotic first years of independence, died on Monday aged 76, the Kremlin said. Many Russians initially viewed Yeltsin as a hero for dismantling Communist rule, but his economic ''shock therapy'' cast millions into poverty.

Russia stakes out national identity with calendar

A Russian nationalist lawmaker has proposed a law switching the country back to the pre-revolutionary Julian calendar as a way of reasserting Russia's national identity. Alexander Fomenko said the modern Gregorian calendar used throughout the Christian world was thrust on Russia a century ago in a ''cruel Westernising project''.

Bush, Putin lift G8 summit with nuclear deal

The United States and Russia announced on Saturday a plan to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons by setting up international enrichment centres as their leaders sought to give a boost to a big-power summit. US President George Bush and Russia's Vladimir Putin unveiled the initiative at a news conference after talks ahead of a Group of Eight summit that starts in earnest on Sunday.

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