Fatima Asmal Motala

Umlazi uprising faces bullets, arrests

Tension is mounting southwest of Durban in Umlazi's ward 88, where activists say the police are randomly arresting people and firing live ammunition.

Activist seals Palestine trade deal

A branch of a British firm that imports farm produce from the territory has been opened in South Africa. Fatima Asmal-Motala reports.

Many states will imprison those who insult officials

President Jacob Zuma is not the only world leader who has turned to the law in an effort to stifle criticism about himself, writes Fatima Asmal-Motala

Giving African tourists to SA a whole lot more

African tourists are flocking to South Africa, according to figures released at last week's tourism indaba in Durban.

A political question, not a cultural one

Polygamy must not be looked at from a cultural point of view, but rather from a political one, says anthropologist Rehana Vally.

A history of multiple bedmates

Polygamy is not just about a man having multiple spouses. It has various offshoots such as polyandry, where a woman has the multiple spouses.

The revolution threatening to divide SA’s Muslims

Some Muslims in South Africa have begun taking on tradition. And that is where things are getting heated with divisions bubbling to the surface.

Forbidden interest a windfall for the disadvantaged

A South African Islamic bank has been investing the millions of rands earned in interest in social development.

‘Buthelezi must back off from NFP’

The Inkatha Freedom Party and the National Freedom Party have been engaging in talks in order to quell the violence between their supporters.

University works on multifunctional, desirable toilet

A team of chemical engineers at UKZN is hard at work trying to develop a high-tech, multi-use toilet that people in the developing world will want.

Israeli reaction to boycott call ‘a victory’

Pro-Palestinian activists believe in the effectiveness of their worldwide campaign.

Colour bar still exists in relationships

Apartheid or democracy, colour is still an issue in relationships.

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