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Fiona Macleod

To cull or not to cull

Sol Kerzner's new venture into the Southern African game lodge industry has become embroiled in a bitter battle about whether Botswana needs to cull its elephants.

Refugee lions on their way ‘home’

South African conservationists are rescuing nine lions in war-ravaged Baghdad from certain death by giving them the chance to spend the rest of their lives in the African bush.

Hands off our juvenile jumbos

Four young elephants are plucked from their families and their homes in the African bush. They are drugged and shunted to various institutions before being dumped unceremoniously on the tarmac at Johannesburg International airport.

Activists tackle top brass over big stink

Two South Africans are using their single shares in Royal Dutch Shell to get the international office to sort out severe local pollution problems.

Chernobyl of the Northern Cape

An out-of-court settlement between Gencor and asbestos victims last week does not cover cleaning up places where people live and children play.

The deadly rise of the ‘jeep jockeys’

Tour operators and ''jeep jockeys'' cashing in on SA's increasingly competitive wildlife industry have taken to taunting animals and herding them towards tourist vehicles for a close-up view - with fatal consequences. At least two people were trampled by elephants over the festive season.

Women in the vanguard of eco-warriors

Walking through a forest with my dogs one day, I heard the screaming of an animal in distress. After collaring the dogs, we hurtled through the trees to find the source of this dreadful noise.

Earth in worse shape than ever

In spite of the World Summit on Sustainable Development, which was supposed to save Earth from further destruction, the planet seems to be in worse shape than ever. A report shows that at least 11 167 species of plants and animals face a high risk of extinction soon.

Carnage in the Free State

Farmers in the western Free State hate small wild predators so much that after killing them they string them up along a public fence in a grisly head-hunting competition. Their trophies are on display at a T-junction of farm roads near Soutpan.

Exotic cats under the hammer

Breeders of ''canned lions'' in the Free State are brazenly advertising what must be the biggest sell-off of endangered and exotic big cats in captivity that the world has seen to date. Six breeders are auctioning more than 84 big cats, including lionesses that are pregnant.

Money to burn

An American charity has offered to buy South Africa's stockpile of ivory and burn it, in an attempt to stem the slaughter of thousands of elephants in parts of Africa and Asia.

It’s a feeling in the feet

Last Friday, September 13, was a bad day for the elephants of the Sabi Sands game reserve next to the Kruger National Park. Normally placid herds charged around in apparent terror, trumpeting, shaking their heads and running with their tails stuck straight out behind them.

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