Fiona Macleod

Poachers set sights on Kruger ivory

The inability of the national park to pursue offenders across its border is costing game dearly

Walking a fine green line for credibility

The Mail & Guardian will celebrate a Decade of Greening in 2013.

CSI spend more than a drop in the ocean

Call by business leaders rekindle debate.

Basic countries push for extension of Kyoto Protocol

But several major signatories are refusing to expand emissions cuts when the agreement expires, writes Fiona Macleod.

Companies take a bow

Judges say without corporate support there would be chaos among communities

Tyre industry gets to grips with recycling

Court puts a spoke in producers' wheel by agreeing that they are responsible for their products' waste.

‘Tiger man’ Varty issues rhino horn challenge

"Tiger Man" John Varty has suggested that breeders should defy the government's trade ban and stage a high-profile global auction of horns.

Oil prospecting threatens crucial African penguin colony

Conservationists warn that the last stronghold of the endangered birds has been threatened by offshore oil and gas exploration near Port Elizabeth.

New malaria drug excites researchers

The drug is effective against resistant parasites and shows no adverse side effects, researchers say.

Report warns of more tragedies like Marikana

The Marikana stand-off will not be an isolated incident if South African mining companies continue to ignore their corporate social responsibilities.

Platinum belt’s social ills fuel unrest

The "macho culture" at platinum mines in North West is a major social ill behind the flare-up of violence that has left at least 10 people dead.

Jab for birth control gets jumbo roll-out

The birth control vaccine for elephants has been shown to be 95% effective and is far more preferable to culling, researchers say.

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