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Brian Lara: ‘I love you, president Mandela’

West Indian cricketing legend Brian Lara on Tuesday met another hero, former South African president Nelson Mandela.

Typhoid outbreak will clear up, say officials

The number of confirmed typhoid cases in Delmas, Mpumalanga, rose to 100 on Friday, but the situation is gradually being brought under control, health officials said. Up to 700 people are now suffering from diarrhoea, but proper management and precautions should see the outbreak in Delmas brought under control.

Man traumatised after alleged rape by three women

The family of a man who was allegedly raped by three women say he is so traumatised that he won't speak a word to anyone. ''He isn't all right. We are trying to talk to him but he is not saying anything. We are just trying to sort things out,'' said Michelle, the 30-year-old victim's sister-in-law.

Salvors of log carrier will ‘beat the sea’

The bulk carrier stranded on the coast near East London and her heavy cargo are causing concern as bad weather hampers the removal of potentially hazardous logs. The hull of the Kiperousa is already showing cracks and breaking up while salvors go about the ''slow, risky business'' of removing the logs from the hull.

Union says talks ‘a waste of time’, strike to continue

Six hours of negotiations between striking unions and Metrorail were a ''total disaster and waste of time'', said United Transport and Allied Trade Unions (Utatu) general secretary Chris de Vos after Wednesday's meeting. The strike, which has left thousands of commuters inconvenienced, will enter its fourth day on Thursday.

Workers trapped in collapsed trench

Rescuers searched on Tuesday night for the bodies of four construction workers buried when an excavation trench collapsed outside a water-sports shop in Randburg earlier that day. At about 7.30pm, a man was rescued after being wedged for four hours under a boulder lying diagonally over the trench.

Wanted: Cars for crime fighters

The National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa will not be compromised by a reduced car pool, said Makhosini Nkosi, the unit's spokesperson, on Sunday. He was reacting to reports in the media that the unit owes money to the Imperial Fleet Hire vehicle rental company.

Courage, respect saved boy from ‘600kg of lion’

A boy attacked by lions at a nature reserve near Krugersdorp on Sunday would have been dead but for his courage and respect for the animals, a curator said. The manager of the reserve said the boy was attacked while showing his girlfriend the lions, ''which the curator refused [to allow] without being ... present himself''.

Gauteng a safer place, says MEC

Effective policing and social crime prevention programmes are making Gauteng a safer place, but there is still a lot to be done, said Community Safety MEC Firoz Cachalia on Monday. ''Levels of crime are still too high so we cannot announce victory yet,'' he said at the media briefing in Johannesburg.

Anti-retrovirals for R100 a month

Anti-retrovirals could cost South Africans as little as about R100 a month and local manufacturing of generics could start as early as next month, it was announced on Tuesday. South Africa's Aspen Pharmacare group is the first drug manufacturer in the world to receive approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration to produce generic anti-retrovirals.

Metro buses boil the blood

The bus is so crowded that a small schoolboy has to perch precariously on the steps above the doors that slam open and shut at every stop. Passengers of Johannesburg's Metrobus are annoyed by the constant problems they experience. Delayed and overcrowded busses, breakdowns and busses that simply do not arrive are all causes of their frustration.

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