Hans Mackenzie Main

Drugs are not the problem

Drugs and marketing don’t get people addicted; people get themselves addicted

Shedding loads of tears

We all carry loads — we all have crosses to bear

A frightful night in False Bay

'I don’t feel safer knowing our military can blow algae to bits'

Life (sort of) begins at 40

'I was born to be 40'

Going wild to stay sane

'There are 80-plus other parks across South Africa I can visit with my Wild Card, symbolically for free'

The New Year’s resolutions solution

To be resolute is to be unwavering and they waver (in the form of waivers), taking away our right to demand logic

The ABC of a tough year

Yes, 2018 was tough, but when last did we not have a tough year?

It’s wild at the traffic department

'I also marvelled, yes marvelled, at the patience of everyone standing and sitting, staring blankly into space'

Heat waves not in retrograde

'In only one sector, according to the magazine, does Mercury retrograde push into the positive: the friendship sector'

A clever plan for silly season

What we’re seeing is state-sponsored anarchy

A 50-minute work week is remotely possible

In all the offices I’ve worked, I sat in the so-called bullpen — a shared working space modelled on ­war-time sweat shops.

Save petrol tip spills over to crazy

'My immediate reaction was to think of ways to combat the grave injustice of the petrol price'

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