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US envoy in landmark talks with Suu Kyi

A top US official held talks with Aung San Suu Kyi on Wednesday as Burma's ruling junta gave the democracy icon a rare break from house arrest.

US senator in landmark talks with Burma’s junta

US Senator Jim Webb began historic talks with Than Shwe on Saturday, becoming the first senior Washington official to meet the head of Burma's regime.

Worldwide protests mark birthday of jailed Suu Kyi

Burma's democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi marked a grim 64th birthday in prison on Friday, as activists took to the internet to call for her release.

Burma’s leader warns on democracy at military parade

Burma's junta chief Than Shwe urged parties to shun foreign ideologies if they want democracy as the military put on a show of might on Friday.

Burma cyclone survivors struggle to rebuild lives

With tents still serving as homes and schools seven months after Cyclone Nargis lashed Burma, survivors are struggling to rebuild their lives.

Burma junta under new pressure over cyclone victims

Burma's junta on Saturday came under renewed international pressure from rights groups and the United States defence chief, who said its slow response to the cyclone disaster had cost "tens of thousands of lives". US Defence Secretary Robert Gates criticised the delay in allowing in foreign aid, saying US ships could have swiftly brought relief.

Burma tightens access to disaster zone

Burma tightened access to its cyclone disaster zone on Wednesday, turning back foreigners and ignoring pleas to accept outside experts who could save countless lives before time runs out. A top European Union humanitarian official said there was now a risk of famine, after the storm destroyed rice stocks in a main farming region.

Burma: ‘If we don’t act now, more lives will be lost’

The United States sent its first aid flight to Burma on Monday, but experts warned the relief effort was floundering and 1,5-million cyclone survivors were at grave risk from hunger and disease. The US military transport plane laden with emergency supplies was permitted to land by the ruling junta.

Cyclone kills nearly 4 000 in Burma

Burma said on Monday that nearly 4 000 people had been killed in the cyclone that tore into the impoverished and secretive Asian nation at the weekend, and that tens of thousands more could also be dead. The announcement on state television increased the death toll from Tropical Cyclone Nargis more than ten-fold.

Burma’s junta sets timetable for polls

Burma's military junta unveiled a timetable for the country's first elections in two decades, but it was unclear on Sunday if detained opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi would be allowed to stand. The surprise weekend announcement of a constitutional referendum in May to set the stage for elections in 2010 appeared to catch her party off guard.

Burma defiant on 60th anniversary of independence

Military-run Burma put on a show of defiance on Friday on the 60th anniversary of independence from Britain amid global pressure for reform following the junta's bloody crackdown on dissent. Soldiers raised the national flag at precisely 4.28am local time -- the exact moment of freedom from Britain.

Myanmar rappers upstage xylophones

An enigmatic smile appears on his wrinkled face and his faded eyes shine brightly as his fingers caress the ivory keys of the one musical instrument he truly loves, his piano. The melodious music which comes out grabs the attention of those nearby.

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