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Jean Marc Mojon

Kenya police deploy to block rally

Huge numbers of Kenyan police deployed on Friday to block an opposition rally in Nairobi as Washington sent its top Africa diplomat to help resolve a post-election crisis that has claimed more then 350 lives. On Thursday, police had used water cannon and tear gas to disperse opposition supporters marching on the city centre for a "million-man" rally.

Fears that Kenya chaos could halt economic boom

The bitter dispute over the Kenyan presidency could have long-lasting economic repercussions, observers warn, fearing that financial turmoil could quickly derail an, until now, booming economy. Considered an investor-friendly haven of relative stability on its way to becoming an ''African Tiger'', Kenya is experiencing its worst political unrest in 25 years.

Kenyan presidential race heats up

Kenya's presidential race entered its final stretch on Monday, with the economy, corruption and tribalism looming large in ageing incumbent Mwai Kibaki's bid to secure a second term. The last batch of opinion polls before the December 27 vote gave flamboyant opposition candidate Raila Odinga a slight edge on Kibaki.

Darfur rebel factions gather for unity talks

Darfur's fractious rebel groups gathered in Tanzania on Friday for talks aimed at hammering out a united front following United Nations approval of a beefed-up peacekeeping mission in the Sudanese region. Sponsored by the African Union and UN, the meeting in the town of Arusha will seek to define a common stance among the rebels.

Mideast torn over Saddam verdict

Saddam Hussein's death sentence on Sunday drew an outpouring of vengeful glee among the ousted Iraqi despot's former foes in the Middle East and muted discontent from Sunni radicals. Iraq's Shi'ites, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, rejoiced when the deposed president was sentenced to death by hanging.

Egypt police breaks up Sudanese refugee sit-in

Thousands of Egyptian riot police forcefully evacuated hundreds of Sudanese refugees early on Friday, breaking up a three-month old protest outside United Nations offices in Cairo. Several refugees were wounded when phalanxes of riot police armed with sticks and shields stormed the small square where the Sudanese had been camping at around 5am.

Discontent grows as Egypt vote enters home stretch

Egypt's month-long parliamentary elections enter their third and final phase on Thursday with Islamists continuing their impressive run and judges pressing for guarantees against state interference. The extent of the Muslim Brotherhood's gains in the first two phases of voting took everybody by surprise.

Tension runs high ahead of new round of Egypt polls

Egypt's month-long elections are heating up as voters prepare for a new round on Sunday that could see Islamists chip away further at the ruling party's dominance in Parliament. More than 120 seats remain to be decided in runoffs for the second phase, which kicked off on November 20 and prompted a surge in irregularities and violence that claimed the first deaths of the elections.

Egyptian Parliament’s love affair with big business

To the untrained eye, Egypt's Parliament list could easily be mistaken for a who's who of big business. To stay in one of the two clubs, you need to be a member of the other, say observers and opposition members of the incestuous relationship between politics and money in Egypt.

‘Last pharaoh’ grabs 80% in Egypt poll

Hosni Mubarak swept more than 80% of the vote in an unprecedented pluralist presidential election hailed as an historic step but marred by violations, according to an early count published on Friday. The incumbent's landslide victory left his nine rivals fighting over crumbs, with most estimates giving Ghad party leader Ayman Nur over Wafd chairperson Numan Gumaa.

Abuses tarnish Egypt’s landmark poll

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was expected on Thursday to win a fifth term in power after an election tipped as a major democratic step but marred by reports of widespread fraud. As vote counting began, Wednesday's historic election drew a barrage of fraud allegations from Mubarak's rivals and independent monitors.

‘Last pharaoh’ set for victory in Egypt vote

Egyptians voted on Wednesday in the country's first contested presidential election, with veteran leader Hosni Mubarak all but certain to head off all challengers amid reports of widespread irregularities. The electoral commission described turnout as ''remarkable'', but confusion marked Egypt's democratic experiment.

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