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Joe Queenan

Back to the (same old) future

Tattooed baddies using lasers that resemble ?waterpistols? Why can't sci-fi films take an honest stab at what the future might really look like?

Steel yourself: Same old stories sap superheroes’ staying power

They might retain some individuality but the endless Republican theme is wearing thin.

The ‘last’ resort: The ultimate in film title folly

<i>The Last Airbender</i> has reminded me that, with few notable exceptions, most movies with "last" in the title are really bad, writes Joe Queenan.

Advantages of random fandom

A few weeks ago I went to see the highly praised French film <em>The Father of My Children</em>. At least I tried to.

In-flight movies an aviation hazard

Whenever I fly, I am aware that the movie I am watching on the tiny screen directly in front of me could be the very last film I ever watch.

Clint Eastwood: Man with no equal

Directors and stars have come and gone: Clint Eastwood has endured. And he's never stopped working. Joe Queenan salutes the Hollywood great, who tu

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