Kim Willsher

‘War song’ for French schools

As a call to arms, few national hymns are as bloody as La Marseillaise. Originally entitled the War Song of the Army of the Rhine, it exhorts citizens of France to take up arms: ''Form in batallions, March, march! Let impure blood water our furrows!'' Now, after a 10-year battle, French schoolchildren are to be made to learn the words after a vote by French MPs.

Gadaffi’s son accused of beating woman

French prosecutors are taking action against the youngest son of the Libyan leader Moammar Gadaffi, who is alleged to have beaten a pregnant woman during a rampage in a Paris hotel. Motassim Bilal Gadaffi, known as Hannibal, will be summonsed for questioning about the alleged attack, during which he is also said to have scuffled with police and brandished a gun.

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