Kira Cochrane
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/ 25 September 2007

Too much to bare

Flicking through the newspapers recently I was stopped in my tracks by an image of the new Vanity Fair cover. This shows Nicole Kidman — two-time Oscar nominee, one-time winner — with a military cap on her head and an open-mouthed expression. Said expression is, I guess, supposed to be a Monroe-esque pout, but just makes her look completely bloody vacant.

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/ 9 February 2004

The ‘free and fair’ game

What does the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) do when township dwellers refuse to vote in a hostel because of past animosities with its residents? Or when high-profile leaders of a political party are seen registering voters on behalf of the IEC? These are some of the complex issues the commission has already had to face as the election race slowly takes off.