Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Will the latest TB drug reach South Africa in time?

Activists fear regulatory delays will come too late for many people who need delamanid and will also stall its release in neighbouring countries.

Breasts: Five things to know about them and their care

Did you know? Good care is out there in public and private hospitals, but check your medical aid

Family of dead Gauteng psychiatric patient given the runaround by red tape

Sizwe Hlatshwayo may be the 38th patient to die after being moved from state-funded hospital care. It took almost a month for his family to find out.

UCT medical academics back students’ call for #FeesMustFall

Free, decolonised education is key to producing health workers conscious of social justice.

Could South Africa’s next HIV plan call for the decriminalisation of drug use?

Almost 300 000 South Africans will contract HIV this year. The country may be targeting a crucial five-year window to stem the tide of new infections.

Mental shift: Yoga makes its way behind the walls of South African prisons

It's World Yoga Day. Mindfulness has seen a resurgence in popularity and is slowly making its way behind the walls of prisons in South Africa.

Lift the veil on drug pricing and trade agreements, the UN urges companies and states

New United Nations report calls for drug companies to spill closely held secrets and patent reforms.

Five things you should know about your vagina

Science is learning more about your vagina. So should you.

In Marikana’s shadow: One in four women in Rustenburg has been raped, says study

As South Africa marks the anniversary of the massacre, a new study reveals how women’s bodies are a battleground in the country’s platinum belt

South Africa faces paediatric cancer drug shortage as suppliers fail to meet demand

Stock-outs may be a blow to children already fighting for survival.

Women praise HIV prevention pill as research could produce a simpler injection

For those at risk, taking a pill that can stop them from getting HIV is a ‘life-changing experience’

#AIDS2016: Sex workers stuck in a tug of war between science and conservatism

Is the South African Law Commission's recommendation to sentence convicted sex workers to 'diversion programmes' a latest symptom of a country torn?

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