Luke Alfred

Springbok’s 1974 defeat by British Lions recalled

Dugald Macdonald made his Springbok debut against the British Lions in 1974, a disastrous experience difficult to forget

How to quietly rattle Aussies’ cage

The inimitable gems in left-armer Paul Harris’s repertoire might be the Proteas' secret weapon in Perth next month.

​Finding South Africa’s heart: An edited extract from Luke Alfred’s new book

Luke Alfred walked long and far and recorded it in 'Early One Sunday Morning I Decided to Step Out and Find South Africa' (Tafelberg).

​Sporting scams: Who’s fooling who?

It’s hard not to admire the miscreants who have taken faking it to the next level.

​New book revisits cricket and the colony in SA

Cricket’s African history is painstakingly researched, but the prose could use more power and vivacity.

Ten things that SA sport must fix

Luke Alfred identifies 10 things he’d like to see in South African sport if the next 10 years aren’t going to be an agonising repeat of the past five.

Club rugby shows pros how it’s done

Every weekend, average Joes transform into supermen to play the sport for love, not money

Leave coaching to the celebrities, they might work as the transformation guru needed

Why stop at former players? If part of the job is managing players, stars from all walks of life might be that special person a team needs.

Throw the towel in the boxing ring and grab an oar instead for good governance

There’s a reason why Rowing South Africa is in many ways the opposite of Boxing South Africa.

The Games are four years away but political agendas and funding stymy SA’s potential

Political vendettas and funding shortages are stymying the potential of the country’s athletes.

Ups, downs, highs and lows — the 2016 Olympic Games, ladies and gentlemen

As Rio 2016 draws to a close, who can forget how Wayde van Niekerk stole the limelight?

The clock ticks on and Olympic silver medalist Luvo Manyonga must stay focused

The Olympic silver medalist can feel proud of himself but must get back into the zone.

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