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A man with a mission

The department of infrastructure development in Gauteng has big plans. We spoke to Bheki Nkosi, the man at the helm.

Top Companies Reputations Index

The Mail & Guardian's annual list of best companies by reputation keeps track of the favoured brands in South Africa.

South Africa’s most-respected companies

We recognise the companies that South Africans respect the most for their products, service, employees and actions in greater civil society.

Who are these people?

The questions are just as important as the answers. This is how the Mail & Guardian and Plus94 gathered the information.

First with Facebook banking

First National Bank is clearly doing something right in how it builds its reputation

Champions of their kingdoms

Blue chip is as blue chip does. The same names appear consistently over the years in this research.

Getting on the goodwill band wagon

Goodwill is a slippery concept whereby accountants with complicated spreadsheets look at a company to try to quantify its customer loyalty.

Reputation matters

Should I buy product A or product B? What do I tell my friends when they ask for this kind advice? A company's reputation will sway my vote.

OBITUARY:’Comrade Roy left without a scandal’

Radhakrishna Lutchmana Padayachie, commonly known as Roy will be remembered most for his work in the ministry of communications.

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