Mara Kardas-Nelson

Patient fees cripple Zim’s healthcare

Skewed state funding has left many centres dependent on fees that patients can't afford, writes Mara Kardas-Nelson.

Nursing Zim prisons back to health

One man's mission to bring sanitary sanity and dignity to those kept behind bars.

Battle on the horizon over intellectual property policy draft

Some have lauded the draft policy, saying it could make medication cheaper, but others say it is "unimpressive" and "almost contradictory".

Generic cancer drug – access not guaranteed

A generic version of a key cancer drug is now available in South Africa, but at a significantly higher cost than it is available internationally.

Create drugs, create self-reliance

A young pharmacist is driving a project to get Tanzania to make more of its own medicine.

Congolese exiles kick off the healing process

Congolese refugees in Uganda are banding together to make a life outside the 'diseased' state refugee camps.

Kampala’s good for a gander

With its boda bodas,vibrant nightlife 
and top cuisine,it 
sure is full of fun for 
a city known more 
as a way station 
than a destination.

Dodgy doctor gets back top job

Despite an ongoing probe into alleged misconduct, he's back at Messina Hospital – as chief executive.

There’s a new HIV drug – but Africa will have to wait

A new drug, Tivicay, that could be vital in the struggle against HIV, might not be available to those who need it the most.

NHI a tonic for extreme inequality

Experts say the National Health Insurance scheme could benefit rich and poor, with positive broader outcomes.

Women in Uganda dismantle stigma of fistula

Treatment for the debilitating obstetric injury has been scarce in Uganda, but organisations are helping to fill the gap, writes Mara Kardas-Nelson.

Drug row sparked by HIV spending

A new study to be conducted in South Africa, Uganda and India has sparked a heated debate in the HIV activist and research community.

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