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Former editor spills the beans

Several of chief prosecutor Bulelani Ngcuka's alleged off-the-record comments at a July briefing with black editors were placed on record on Wednesday before the Hefer commission.
  • Zuma won't complain before Hefer
  • Was Mac Maharaj a spy?

    Liberation struggle veteran Mac Maharaj was asked on Tuesday to react to an allegation that he himself had been an apartheid agent. The former transport minister was shown a book during his cross-examination before the Hefer commission, in which he is accused of having been an apartheid government agent. <li><a class='standardtextsmall' href="">Sparks fly at Hefer commission</a> <li><a class='standardtextsmall' href="">'Mo Shaik fingered Ngcuka'</a>

    Arms deal probe uncovered spy allegations

    The Hefer commission heard on Monday that spying allegations against National Director of Public Prosecutions Bulelani Ngcuka stemmed from the Scorpions' arms deal investigation. Advocate Stephen Joseph, for former transport minister Mac Maharaj, told Judge Joos Hefer that ''the whole saga'' started with a Scorpions raid at Durban businessman Schabir Shaik's premises in 2001.

    ‘Mo Shaik has made his bed, now he must lie in it’

    Foreign Affairs special adviser Mo Shaik will have to ''face the consequences'' if he disclosed confidential intelligence information, the country's spy bosses warned on Wednesday. ''We won't stand by and let people go to television stations to make known privileged documents,'' advocate George Bizos told the Hefer commission.

    What is media freedom?

    In a case seen as critical for all journalists, the definition of media freedom was heavily disputed on Tuesday in day-long arguments in the Bloemfontein High Court. Judge president JP Malherbe and Judge DJ Lombard were hearing an urgent application by journalist Ranjeni Munusamy to set aside an order forcing her to testify before the Hefer commission. Judge Joos Hefer said Munusamy had the right to object to certain questions.

    Hefer advised to subpoena spies

    Judge Joos Hefer should subpoena members of the intelligence agencies to testify before him, Hefer commission evidence leader Kessie Naidu argued on Monday. ''We should leave the ball fairly and squarely in the agencies' court,'' Naidu said.

    Maharaj, Shaik again absent from Hefer

    National Director of Public Prosecutions Bulelani Ngcuka's main accusers, Mac Maharaj and Mo Shaik, were again absent from the Hefer commission's public hearings on Thursday. Their absence on Thursday again robbed them of the opportunity to cross-examine witnesses who made allegations against them. <li><a class='standardtextsmall' href="">Mac Maharaj's 'fishing trip'</a> <li><a class='standardtextsmall' href="">ANC: Zuma need not testify</a> <li><a class='standardtextsmall' href="">Former activists testify before Hefer</a>

    Witness links spy claim to Scorpions

    Spy allegations against National Director of Public Prosecutions Bulelani Ngcuka may be motivated by his Scorpions unit's corruption investigation against Mac Maharaj, the Hefer commission heard on Wednesday when Ngcuka's former comrade-in-arms, Patrick Ntobeko ''Ntobs'' Maqubela, testified.

    Maharaj, Shaik drop RS452 spy claim

    The Hefer commission apparently dispensed on Wednesday with the claim that National Director of Public Prosecutions Bulelani Ngcuka was apartheid government agent RS452. Commission evidence leader Kessie Naidu said that Mac Maharaj and Mo Shaik denied this week that they believed Ngcuka had been RS452.
  • Witness links spy claim to Scorpions
  • Hefer: Why journalist must testify
  • Hefer: Why journalist must testify

    Judge Joos Hefer found on Wednesday that the Constitution did not grant immunity from testifying to every journalist in all circumstances. ''A journalist, like any other person, (is) obliged to testify but is entitled to refuse to answer any particular question against which there is a valid objection,'' he said.

    Lawyer testifies in Hefer hearing

    A former comrade-in-arms of National Director of Public Prosecutions Bulelani Ngcuka became the Hefer commission's first witness to testify publicly. Ngcuka reportedly spent many years in prison for refusing to testify against fellow African National Congress member Patrick Ntobeko ("Ntobs") Maqubela, nowadays a lawyer. <li><a class='standardtextsmall' href="">'Enough lies and deceit, I'm the spy'</a> <li><a class='standardtextsmall' href="">Sources won't be compromised</a> <li><a class='standardtextsmall' href="">Arms deal focus</a>

    Hefer: Scramble for apartheid-era documents

    Despite objections, the opening submissions of Mac Maharaj and Mo Shaik before the Hefer Commission of Inquiry were postponed on Wednesday to November 17. The two men's advocate, Stephen Joseph SC, asked Judge Joos Hefer for the postponement, saying it was needed to obtain apartheid-era documents to support their testimony.
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  • Arms deal focus
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