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Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon

Reporting success and failure

The evolution of Hillside Aluminium's reports reflect changes in environmental thinking in recent years. The company's annual sustainability reports encompass economic, environmental and social impacts over which Hillside has direct control and influence.

Cleaner business a money spinner

Berg River Textiles in Paarl, one of the largest cotton mills in South Africa, has shown how environmental improvement can go hand in hand with increased profits.

Hands-on experience in water research

The Institute for Water Research offers postgraduate courses in the fields of zoology, entomology, environmental science and geography a chance to get hands-on experience in the field of water research and conservation.

Chance to sail the seas

If the call of the open seas and crystalline ice landscapes appeals, Rhodes University offers postgraduate students of zoology and entomology a unique chance to sail the Southern Ocean and travel sub-Antarctic islands.

Poor gun laws spur on criminals

The lack of suitable penalties for possession, illicit trade and the absence of legislation regulating firearm brokering are contributing to the proliferation of illegal guns in Southern Africa.

The yin and yang of political fashion

Nelson Mandela represents the yin and yang of the political world. His personal iconography has come to represent the fusing of power with compassion; austerity with playfulness; childlike joy with the grief and weariness of years of suffering.

Proposed road to take toll on Cape vlei

Environmental and community groups are vehemently opposing plans for a toll road running through the wetland areas of False Bay and the south-eastern Cape Flats. The proposed road affects fragile ecosystems with a rich bird, insect, reptile and plant life including a number of endangered species.

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