Micah Reddy

Paradise Papers: Ramaphosa’s Shanduka deal flop

Shanduka got involved in an energy project that turned out to be a real tangle, with Appleby red-flagging a couple of the players along the way.

Paradise in Mauritius

The low-tax island has emerged as a key hub in offshore business dealings with Africa.

Dummies’ guide to the Paradise Papers

What you need to know about the latest tax haven leak.

Exposed: The South Africans named in the Paradise Papers

The likes of Spar, Illovo Sugar and several South African banks have been named in the leaked trove of financial records.

Paradise Papers: SA names aplenty in massive new tax haven leak

Data in the tax leak dates from 1950 to 2016 and includes emails, and loan agreements, from more than 25,000 entities in 180 countries.

Govin Reddy fought for the freedom of people and the media

He was an activist not only during apartheid but also after the elections that ushered in democracy

How Gupta associates ‘fleeced’ Cosatu in HQ deal

Evidence suggests an influential Gupta associate and a future Eskom acting CEO colluded in a deal that fleeced the trade union federation of millions.

#GuptaLeaks: UK PR firm tried to push ‘white monopoly capital’ agenda

Emails support claims in earlier leaked report that Bell Pottinger tried to portray the Gupta and Zuma families as victims of a racist backlash.

EXCLUSIVE: Eskom funding may be muffling dissenting voices on nuclear

The lure of millions in Eskom funding appears to have gagged two research institutions previously critical of the utility’s nuclear procurement plans.

9 things you need to know about the nuclear deal

Treasury has been reluctant to approve the deal because it could end up costing more than R1 trillion.

The largest procurement in SA to date is in the hands of the High Court in Cape Town

Critics warn that the nuclear deal has the potential to bankrupt the country.

Gupta-owned newspaper in line of fire of new Nielsen report

Data gathered by global market research firm Nielsen suggests The New Age newspaper benefits disproportionately from government advertising.

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