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Kenyan rivals seek to end bloodshed

Kenya's political rivals tried to inject some momentum on Friday into slow-moving peace talks brokered by former United Nations head Kofi Annan, aimed at ending weeks of bloodshed. Four people were killed overnight in tribal violence in the Kisii region of Nyanza province in western Kenya, two of whom were ''hacked to death'', police said.

Tourists enjoy extra space at Kenyan game reserves

A row of empty pool-side benches stretches beside a lone tourist at a luxury lodge in Kenya after post-poll turmoil cut travel to one of the world's most famous safari spots. ''We were really hoping our safari would not be cancelled,'' says Canadian tourist Debbie Shillitto.

Kenya presidential cliffhanger sparks voter enthusiasm

Queues several kilometres long snaked around Africa's largest slum on Thursday as Kenyans across the country and the class divide turned out en masse to vote in a close presidential election. In all of the East African nation's previous polls, there was either only one candidate to vote for or only one with a realistic chance of winning.

Somali warlords slapped with sanctions

East African states on Tuesday imposed travel sanctions and froze the bank accounts of Somali warlords who have been blamed for igniting the latest round of deadly fighting in Mogadishu. A ministerial meeting of the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development, a regional bloc key to the formation of Somalia's transitional government, agreed to the sanctions.

Rains, disease compound misery in northern Kenya

Sitting on thin foam mattresses sprawled across a crude cement floor in drought-stricken northern Kenya, dozens of mothers nurse emaciated babies as flies hover around mosquito netting. The odours of medicine and sweat mixed with the stench of disease hang in the foetid air under the iron roof of this hospital annex.

Sudan warns against UN involvement

Sudan's government warned on Wednesday that deploying a United Nations force to the war-torn western Darfur region risks worsening conflict there and eroding the African Union's (AU) mandate to intervene in other trouble spots in the continent.

Press freedom in Kenya ‘under siege’

Thousands of angry Kenyans, including prominent opposition politicians, paraded through the country's main cities on Tuesday protesting a heavy-handed police raid on the second largest media group. ''We are demonstrating in order to protect press freedom in Kenya. Press freedom in Kenya is under siege,'' said former roads minister Raila Odinga.

Oxfam slams loophole for arms exporters to Uganda

British charity Oxfam has criticised the United Kingdom for a legal loophole that allowed the sale of military equipment to Uganda which were used to violently quell opposition demonstrations. ''The lack of international controls on the arms trade is making a mockery of national arms laws,'' said Phil Bloomer, Oxfam's policy director.

Drought leaves trail of death in northern Kenya

The gut-wrenching stench of rotting flesh hangs in the air in this remote northeastern Kenyan village where the putrefying carcasses of cattle are a testament to a searing drought that threatens millions with starvation across east Africa.

Rescue work ends at site of Kenyan building collapse

Rescuers suspended work at the site of a collapsed building in Kenya's capital, Nairobi, on Thursday as officials conceded there was virtually no chance of finding any more survivors and an Israeli military team that had been leading the effort prepared to leave.

DRC elections ‘could spark mass violence’

Elections set for March in the volatile Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) could spark ''mass violence'' if current conditions in the vast Central African state persist, an influential policy group warned on Wednesday. Failure to address problematic issues could plunge the nation into another cycle of violence, the Brussels-based Crisis Group said.

Kenya suspends elephant relocation

The Kenyan Wildlife Service on Wednesday suspended the relocation of elephants from an overcrowded coastal reserve to a more spacious park in order to monitor their resettlement and avoid bad weather, officials said. The operation began in August to move 400 animals from Shimba Hills National Reserve to Tsavo East National Park.

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