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/ 24 May 2008

Bharti hangs up on MTN merger talks

India’s top cellular company, Bharti Airtel, on Saturday called off merger talks with MTN, branding the ownership structure proposed by the flagship South African mobile firm ”completely unacceptable”. The merger would have created the world’s sixth-largest mobile company with a network of 130-million subscribers.

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/ 27 December 2005

Indian Kashmir casts net to lure fishermen

Fisheries inspector Muntasir Rah beams proudly as he struggles to hold steady a net full of thrashing trout at a hatchery in insurgency-racked Indian Kashmir. And when peace finally returns to the revolt-hit Himalayan region, he hopes anglers from around the world will take the bait and come back to fish for what he calls his "brown beauties".

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/ 19 December 2004

Sky is the limit for Indian textile industry

India’s textile and garment makers are cranking up capacity ahead of the lifting of global import quotas at the end of this year as they seek to cash in on a market in which the sky will be the limit. India is expected to be one of the winners of the phasing out of three-decade-old rules that have curbed exports of textiles and clothing from poor nations.

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/ 26 October 2004

Hold on to your chuddis, this is the pukka English

Modern-day Indian English or ”Hinglish”, as the variety of English spoken in India is called, has a distinct time-capsule flavour — harking back to the days of the British Raj. Phrases that are dying out elsewhere remain in common parlance on the subcontinent, where ”sleuths nab” their man, ”miscreants abscond,” youths engage in ”tomfoolery” and politicians say their opponents speak ”balderdash”.