Peter Beaumont

War-torn lounging in Gaza

On its coast, Gaza's limitations are marked by a different fence where the bars are Israeli gunboats.

Secret of the ‘lost’ tribe that wasn’t

Amazing pictures showed a handful of warriors from an ''undiscovered tribe'' on the Brazilian-Peruvian border. Or so the story was told and sold.

A neocon by any other name

Robert Kagan, author, essayist, former diplomat, pre-eminent thinker of what is called ''neoconservatism'' -- and now foreign policy adviser to Republican presidential nominee John McCain -- would like it to be known that there are many things that he is not.

The road from Basra

It seems so very long ago. On April 6 2003, the day the city of Basra was finally occupied by British troops, there was a febrile, uncertain sense of excitement. On Monday, the British soldiers followed the same route, as they retreated from Basra Palace in the city centre to relocate to the air base outside the city.

G8 leaders fight over agreement on climate change

A fierce battle is under way this weekend to rescue a proposed global climate agreement in time for the Group of Eight (G8) summit in a fortnight's time in Germany, after sources close to the talks said Washington appeared to be edging away from outright rejection of moves to halt rising world temperatures.

Iraqs tide of killing

Baghdad resounds to the tales of the dead. Not the distant, dry accounting of news wires, but terrifying close-up accounts. Six beheaded corpses are dumped with their heads between their knees in Muhammad's street in Ghazaliya, a largely Sunni suburb of Baghdad. United States soldiers ask him to search the bodies for IDs, fearful the corpses may be booby-trapped..

Weapons of self-delusion

Despite frantic efforts by leaders on both sides of the Atlantic, it's the story that won't go away. As spies and spin doctors trade insults, the mystery of Saddam's arsenal grows ever deeper.

Poison in the air

Controversy has flared up over the use of depleted uranium ammunition in the Balkans War.

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