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PM al-Maliki emerges as frontrunner after Iraq vote

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki emerged on Monday as a frontrunner after an election seen as a test of the nation's young democracy.

World remembers sacrifice of WWI fallen

French and German leaders stood side by side in Paris to honour the fallen of World War I on Wednesday.

The case of the radioactive lift buttons

A French lift-maker scrambled on Wednesday to remove hundreds of lift buttons containing radioactive material.

Tortured genius Maradona hits the big screen in Cannes

Diego Maradona, the Argentinian soccer genius notorious for the ''Hand of God'' goal and a post-football descent into drugs, hits the big screen in Cannes on Tuesday in a documentary that also shows him as a staunch critic of the United States. Maradona is revered as a god-like figure in his home country.

Animation on Beirut bids for top Cannes prize

Repressed memories, the horrors of war and Israel's dubious role in a notorious Beirut refugee camp massacre are the themes of the Cannes film festival's first ever fully-animated documentary. Ari Folman's anti-war movie is premiered in Cannes as Israel celebrates its 60th year of existence and its neighbour Lebanon hits yet another political crisis pushing it to the brink of civil war.

Paris Jewish quarter battles for its soul

Tourism and commerce are conspiring to turn what for centuries has been a thriving Jewish district -- a slice of downtown Tel Aviv in modern Paris -- into just another identikit shopping strip, locals say. The ''To rent'' sign hanging over a celebrated kosher restaurant is a symbol of the rapid decline of the Rue des Rosiers area.

World leaders urge calm amid fresh stock-market turmoil

World leaders on Thursday insisted that the United States credit crunch would not cause an economic crisis but stock markets across the world plummeted yet again as investors remained unconvinced. US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson admitted that American growth will be hit but said the economy would weather the storm.

US home-loan crisis causes more global turbulence

United States home-loan woes caused more turbulence on world markets on Friday despite the tens of billions of dollars released by central banks to stop the problem turning into a global economic crisis. London's FTSE stock market closed a whopping 3,71% lower and European and Asian shares slumped after losses tied to US subprime mortgages spread.

Royal, Sarkozy pin hopes on defeated centrist

French presidential rivals Nicolas Sarkozy and Ségolène Royal waited anxiously on Wednesday for a defeated centrist candidate, whose votes could tip next week's run-off ballot, to reveal his intentions. Francois Bayrou has come under intense pressure to throw the weight of his seven million voters behind either Sarkozy or Royal.

EADS boss faces grilling over share deals

EADS co-chief executive Noel Forgeard was being questioned on Wednesday by France's parliamentary finance committee on why he sold millions of euros' worth of shares in the European aerospace group just before it announced delays in deliveries of its Airbus A380 superjumbo.

EADS boss rejects suggestions of insider trading

The joint head of European Aeronautic Defence and Space (EADS) rejected on Friday suggestions he had indulged in insider trading knowing the group would announce delivery delays for the Airbus superjumbo which have slashed the value of the business.

Paris festival celebrates flicks made on phones

A film festival for movies shot on cellphones opened on Friday in Paris, aiming to take cinema a technological and creative step forward in the country that gave birth to the seventh art. The Pocket Film Festival, which was to screen pictures ranging from 30-second shorts to a full-length feature set in Rome, seeks both to showcase an emerging art form and to ask what effect it might have on mainstream cinema.

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