Sebastian Smith

Lawyer: ‘Nothing consensual’ in IMF chief’s sex case

The woman at the centre of the head of the IMF's attempted rape case will reject any notion that she had consensual sex with him, her lawyer says.

One year on, Haiti honours earthquake dead

Haiti on Tuesday began two days of remembrance ceremonies in honour of the thousands of people who died in an earthquake a year ago.

Broom-wielding quidditch players sweep New York

Hundreds of people, sporting broomsticks and capes, invaded New York this weekend to reenact Harry Potter's magical game of quidditch.

Sponsors give Tiger Woods cold shoulder

Tiger Woods is getting the cold shoulder on television, where ads featuring the golf star have disappeared since news broke of his philandering.

Woods admits ‘transgressions’ and ‘personal sin’

Tiger Woods apologised on Wednesday for ''transgressions'' in his family life as a magazine posted what it said was evidence of an extramarital affair.

Republican victories taint Obama anniversary

Republicans won two key state elections that dealt a stinging blow to President Barack Obama and his Democrats 12 months after they swept into power.

Want to buy Manhattan? $24 will do — or did

Wall Street never cut a deal that good again: the whole of Manhattan purchased from the original Indian inhabitants for .

Nation mourns as Kennedy makes final journey

With Americans mourning Edward Kennedy, the liberal lion's family on Thursday prepared to accompany his body on its final journey.

Ted Kennedy, liberal lion of US politics

Senator Edward Kennedy, who died on Tuesday aged 77, was the liberal lion of US politics.

Woodstock: All-time high, or hype?

To those who were there on August 15-18, 1969, the rock festival in Bethel, upstate New York, seemed at first to promise a beautiful new era.

US protesters brew ‘tea party’ tax revolt

Critics of Barack Obama's handling of the economy are planning nationwide ''tea parties'' on Wednesday -- and not for the sake of polite conversation.

Madoff loses bail appeal as victims’ rage revealed

A United States appeals court on Friday denied bail to Wall Street fraud convict Bernard Madoff, as prosecutors highlighted public outrage.

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