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/ 18 November 2006

Sri Lanka battles rebels at sea, troops ambushed

Sri Lanka’s navy clashed with Tamil Tiger rebels off the island’s north-west coast on Saturday, each claiming to have sunk the other’s vessels, while the military said a rebel ambush on land killed three soldiers. The Navy said it sank three Tiger boats near the northern Mannar peninsula, while the rebels said they sank two navy boats and killed 10 sailors in the incident.

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/ 29 August 2006

Sri Lankans displaced by war face bleak future

Sheltering from the sun under a ragged awning in one of dozens of cramped refugee camps in Sri Lanka’s war-ravaged east, 18-year-old Sharmila Rahim dreams of being a teacher. But her village was wrecked, her house damaged and her school books burnt as the military and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam rebels began a new chapter of a two-decade civil war earlier this month.

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/ 14 July 2006

Sri Lanka pounds rebel positions after sniper attack

Sri Lanka’s navy rained mortar shells on Tamil rebel positions in the island’s restive east on Friday, after suspected snipers killed one sailor and injured another as sporadic attacks raise fears of renewed war. The Tamil Tiger rebels said none of their fighters were killed by the mortars, but said they clashed with an army unit in their territory in the eastern district of Batticaloa,