Tarryn Harbour

Searching for strange life in the desert

Interesting things have been found under the rocks in the Namib. <b>Tarryn Harbour</b> reports.

Listen to the fine print

They have found a way to produce electronic ink from tiny silicon particles -- nanoparticles, to be precise (one thousand millionth of a metre).

Anger Management 101

Tarryn Harbour takes a closer look at what Julius Malema has to look forward to in his anger management therapy sessions.

Hidden in plain sight

It is August 15 2008. On the ground, amid the long, dry grass of the Highveld, two men, a boy and a dog are staring at an object the boy is holding.

Gautrain uses social media to spread its message

Gautrain, which has been extremely active on Facebook and Twitter invited their "Tweeps" (yes, that would be Twitter-peeps) to a Tweetup-on-rails.

Spooks to sniff out who’s behind protests

ANC claims that service delivery protests are being coordinated came under fire this week and, as Gauteng erupted in further protests.

Protests ‘are coordinated’, ANC claims

Most protests are the reaction of people who have been raising issues for a long time without getting a response from relevant government structures.

Rica: ‘Let common sense prevail’

The Regulation of Interception of Communications Act (Rica) is not just for those with cellphones -- it affects all internet users too.

Students march for free varsity education

Hundreds of students marched on Parliament on Friday demanding free varsity education. They will deliver a memorandum registering this demand.

Jansen warns SA is ‘on the precipice’

Jacob Zuma initiating a national dialogue on morals is like the AWB calling for a country-wide debate on racism, said Professor Jonathan Jansen.

‘It’s going to be a tough budget to deal with’

The <i>Mail & Guardian</i> asked businesses in Rosebank, Johannesburg, what goodies they hope Pravin Gordhan has in his budget basket.

Are newspapers on the Net missing the point?

Jack Schofield in LondonOnce, the easiest way to put news on the radio was to get someone to read it from a newspaper....

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