Thami Mkhwanazi

Tambo’s former bodyguard shot dead

A former personal bodyguard and driver of African National Congress leader, Oliver Tambo, was shot dead by an unknown gunman in Soweto this week.

The women strike a shut door

Fedtraw members stage International Women's Day protest outside Chamber of Mines headquarters in Johannesburg.

Black grades for holiday

Black matric results will be announced on Christmas Eve - if all goes well, according to Department of Education and Training PRO, Edgar Posselt.

Mbeki release: Winnie calls for ‘caution and circumspection’

Winnie Mandela has cautioned against ''over-optimistic expectations'' following the release of African National Congress leader Govan Mbeki.

Mandela meets Coetsee

Face to face: Minister and jailed ANC leader.

How a schoolboy’s rage turned Mbeki towards Marxism

Govan Mbeki, quiet man of the Rivonia trialists, has given no interviews since his release...

The Island’s man of peace

If there was a single political prisoner in South Africa to whom unity between the ANC and the PAC could possibly be attributed, it was John Nkosi.

My years on Robben Island with Mbeki

Journalist Thami Mkhwanazi spent nearly half of his seven year sentence on Robben Island, much of the time in the same section as Govan Mbeki.

Letter from Mbeki: come see me now

Jailed African National Congress leader Govan Mbeki sent his lawyer an urgent telegram yesterday.

The odd message on the station blackboard

The three told Weekly Mail that four white members of the SA Police arrived at the Nyoka home early Monday morning.

My prison years on the island

Journalist Thami Mkhwanazi continues his remarkable memoirs of the life on Robben Island.

My years on Robben Island

Journalist Thami Mkhwanazi, recently released after seven years in prison, continues his series on life behind the cell doors of Robben Island prison.

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