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Climate change: Reasons to be hopeful

The climate crisis will hit Africa hard. The Covid-19 crisis has shown that African states can’t rely on the Global North to do the right thing. Nevertheless, there are signs that all is not lost

The Continent: Africa A-Z of 2021

The highlights of 2021 in Africa

The Continent’s Africans of the Year: Navy Malela and Gradi Koko

The bravest bankers: Navy Malela and Gradi Koko refused to stay silent in the face of injustice – even when speaking out carried grave risks for them and their families

The Continent’s Africans of the Year: Agnes Tirop

She was not your property: Agnes Tirop was on track for global superstardom, before her race was brutally cut short.

The Continent’s Africans of the Year: Timnit Gebru

Rage against the machine: If we are not careful, artificial intelligence will replicate the racism inherent in today’s world. Timnit Gebru will not let that happen.

Africans of the Year: Munya Chawawa

Skewering Britain’s ruling elite: The world today is so crazy that it sometimes seems as if it’s beyond satire – unless you’re Zimbabwean-born comic Munya Chawawa

The Continent’s Africans of the Year: Tems and Wizkid

Dancing to their own beat: the Afrobeats sound is conquering the world, with Tems and WizKid at the vanguard

The Continent’s Africans of the Year: Mo Salah

Pitch perfect Mo Salah believes he is the best player in the world. Who are we to contradict him?

The Continent’s Africans of the Year: Vanessa Nakate

The activist who forced her way onto front pages: Initially cropped out and sidelined, Ugandan climate activist Vanessa Nakate has now become an essential voice for Africa on the world stage.

Mozambique’s Rapale camp: A transit to nowhere

The strife in Cabo Delgado has displaced more than 800 000 people. Some have found their way to the Rapale transit centre, where they are struggling to survive as foreign and local forces fight over their homelands.

Seventy-five African journalists imprisoned for doing their jobs

Across Africa, 12 countries were keeping at least 75 journalists behind bars as of 1 December ― not counting those who were detained and released

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