Torture is not limited to CIA black sites – it’s alive in South Africa’s prisons

Unlike the US, it is not foreigners that are subjected to torture and cruel treatment, but South Africans

The C-word is for coalitions, not centrism

With such a low voter turnout, government legitimacy is stretched to breaking point

Everyone — not just governments — must act to mitigate climate change

If we don’t engender an all-of-society approach, we run the risk of exposing our country, our cities and our people, often the most vulnerable among us, to the climate crisis

Young people are not a problem to be solved

The youth of South Africa have innate value and potential that needs to be unlocked and nurtured

We were separated by colonial borders and lost our ubuntu

Afrophobia is an imported anti-African sentiment that internalises colonialism because current state borders never existed in African societies

Tackling youth unemployment requires sustained and coordinated action

Youth unemployment is not often discussed in all its complexities. Like a game of snakes and ladders, this crisis is the result of compounding roadblocks and U-turns that young South Africans face. Solving it requires coordinated action

A vote in remembrance of Durban’s ‘Marchbishop’

The Denis Hurley Centre has helped restore the franchise to 250 homeless people living in Durban’s ward 28

Politicians declare truce in the ‘war’ against Covid-19 for local polls

But Paddy Harper is afraid that pre-polling ‘superspreader’ meetings could lead to a rise in infections

Mind the toxic workplace

While people are taking mental health more seriously, the commodification of workers can turn a job into a toxic space that depletes more than it uplifts

The albatross of municipal finances hangs around local government’s neck

Their collection capacity is constrained and they have to deliver bulk services. Solutions would be to create a single local government revenue collection agency and some form of business tax

World leaders, in particular G20, must make progress at COP26 before it’s too late

We are headed for terrible human suffering if governments do not stand up and limit global warming by 1.5 degrees Celsius

To fix Facebook, we need to socialise the networks

There are strong reasons to doubt that competitive capitalism will fix social media networks

Getting back the elusive youth vote

South African youths are as disengaged politically as their international siblings. To change this, youth need to be represented as party candidates and employed in local municipalities

The next big global race is the race for green tech

The great powers such as US and China will compete to be first with climate targets, but climate crises will spur their populations to demand change too

Absolutely No Current on Thabo Mbeki Restoration Tour

Zizi, who was made a pariah in the ANC, is now on the party’s campaign trail to try to woo back voters it has lost

What makes a metro coalition government work?

South Africa’s parties that run prosperous governments will be those that are successful in developing and nurturing coalitions

Editorial: Political parties in climate denial

South Africa already faces numerous crises including hunger, poverty, unemployment, inequality — all of which are being worsened by the climate crisis.

The bins get emptied ahead of voting day, but will Pravin and Andre keep the light on?

The Tembisa 10 may be a figment of somebody’s imagination, but Eskom’s Misery Twins are not