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Here’s what you did wrong, Jacob Zuma

He came to power as a compromised figure. He survived a rape trial. He factionalised the ANC and under his watch, SOEs reached a point of implosion

Read Jacob Zuma’s resignation statement

In a 30-minute televised address, Jacob Zuma tendered his resignation after the ANC recalled him as president of South Africa

Time’s up: Jacob Zuma has resigned

Earlier on Wednesday, Zuma insisted he had done nothing to merit the party’s decision to recall him from office

After 10 years at the helm of the ANC— We need to talk about Jacob Zuma

His legacy after his amoral 10 years at the helm of the ANC is of distrust among comrades and the destruction of integrity and democratic processes

Lessons for Jacob Zuma in Robert Mugabe’s misfortunes

The unfolding misfortunes of the Zimbabwean president hold key lessons for his South African counterpart who faces the possibility of a forced exit.

Jacob Zuma Road: A-Looter-Continua

President Jacob Zuma was honored in Nigeria with a statue and road named after him. But why was it named after him?

President Jacob Zuma implements his 11th Cabinet reshuffle

This is the 12th Cabinet reshuffle Zuma has effected since he assumed office in 2009.

Falling BRICS endanger their citizens’ health, starting with Jacob Zuma

“I was poisoned and almost died just because South Africa joined Brics under my leadership,” Zuma told supporters in his native KwaZulu-Natal.

In or out, Jacob Zuma remains a problem

Even a secret vote to oust Zuma may scupper ANC careers and opposition hopes for power

Jacob Zuma is fast running out of political lives

President Jacob Zuma has been brought to book repeatedly by the courts. He also faces a rising tide of discontent.

Only the ANC can force Jacob Zuma to quit

But Jeff Radebe says the UDM is within its rights to ask the ConCourt to allow a secret ballot in Parliament.

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