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NIGERIAN President Olusegun Obasanjo announced on Tuesday that the African Union, an economic community that will succeed the Organisation for African Unity (OAU),...

South African Federation of Trade Unions membership numbers decline

Saftu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi says the dwindling numbers are a result of the economic crisis and other factors

Harari: a union of music, defiant politics and African pride

Two pivotal Harari re-releases shine new light on the Soweto Soul movement. Gwen Ansell writes about the ‘Rufaro/ Happiness album’

Is the European Union putting African migrants at risk?

A new report says the EU-Horn of Africa migration policy puts African migrants at risk. DW spoke with the report's co-author Lutz Oette.

Bid to block Burundi from European Union trade pact with other East African countries

At risk are other economies in the region and alternatives are being sought to allow trade.

Mboweni: African monetary union a long way off

Africa is a long way off a common monetary union as the continent continues to struggle to harmonise economic policies, South Africa's central bank Governor Tito Mboweni said on Tuesday. The Organisation of African Unity first mooted the idea of an African Central Bank and common currency in 1963.

African leaders work on customs union

Leaders from Africa's main trading bloc met on Tuesday to discuss ways of enhancing its free trade zone, including steps to a customs union, at a two-day summit amid widespread regional tensions. Nine heads of state and government attended the summit and Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe was appointed vice-chairperson.

African trading summit mulls customs union

Leaders from Africa's main trading bloc on Wednesday opened a summit in Djibouti to mull ways of forming a unified customs system for its 21-member states. Six presidents and a prime minister will explore possibilities of putting in place the commons unions for their markets by 2008.

Africans warn European Union on cotton reform

Agriculture ministers meeting in Brussels this week are facing charges of hypocrisy over their attempts to reform Europe's highly subsidised cotton sector, after four of the world's poorest countries warned that the current blueprint will fail to end dumping of EU exports in world markets.

East African customs union established

Member states of the East African Community have signed a protocol for establishing a customs union that is expected to boost growth in the region. The agreement was initialled on Tuesday in the northern Tanzanian town of Arusha by the presidents of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. It will take effect in July this year.

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