Corrections And Clarifications 2017

Corrections and clarifications: 2017

January 15

Former spy boss says reasons for not paying apartheid-era loans was a ruse

This article has been altered for grammar and clarifications.

July 28

M&G apologises to Siân Dennis and Litha-Lethu Management Solutions

On June 2 this year, the Mail & Guardian published an article, headlined “Architects take on bully council”, about a series of allegations levelled by a group of architects, known as A4C, against the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (Sacap).

One of the allegations – made in a letter written to Parliament – was that the council’s registrar had appointed a close corporation, Litha-Lethu Management Solutions, to undertake a benchmarking exercise without following proper supply-chain management procedures and that the registrar was friends with the corporation’s member Siân Dennis.

However, the M&G did not seek comment from Dennis or Litha-Lethu Management Solutions on this allegation. On June 9, the M&G ran a full right-of-reply response from Sacap, which asserted that the registrar and Dennis had only became acquainted after the tender was awarded. Dennis has also subsequently responded that their relationship is purely a professional one.

The article also incorrectly referred to a “final report” of the council, which made no mention of the need for salary adjustments. However, the document seen by the M&G was not a final report.

The M&G apologises unreservedly to both Dennis and Litha-Lethu Management Solutions.