/ 28 December 2023

TSIBA graduates making huge strides in the business world 

Mandilakhe Lungile is a TSIBA BBA graduate who now works as an administrator at Intembeko Investment.

The business school is a community where dreams are realised and careers are launched

In 2024, TSIBA Business School, registered as TSIBA Education NPC, will be celebrating 20 years of delivering premium business education to ambitious and talented young South Africans aspiring to careers in Business Studies and in business. TSIBA is fully accredited with the Department of Higher Education (DHET) as a Private Higher Education Institution as well as the Council for Higher Education (CHE). 

TSIBA has an unwavering commitment to providing value and the preparation of students with the skills needed for successful careers in an ever-changing world. Towards this, the institution prides itself on providing a personalised and supporting learning environment, and one which is fully supported with learning technology at its Ndabeni campus. 

TSIBA Business School provides the following accredited qualifications:

Costa Sibanda.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration 
  • Higher Certificate in Business Administration
  • Bachelor in Business Administration. 

Costa Sibanda, an entrepreneur and a TSIBA BBA degree postgraduate (2022) says: “With my learning from the post-grad qualification, I have implemented this course in my business. I have been given great opportunities as an entrepreneurial expert, and was invited to be on boards such as COMESA.”

TSIBA Business School has been a beacon of knowledge and opportunity in the vibrant city of Cape Town since 2004. TSIBA is not just a school; it’s a community where dreams are realised, and careers are launched.

TSIBA has experienced faculty members, state-of-the-art facilities, and a dedication to personalised learning, and provides a nurturing environment in which students thrive in their studies.

Saabirah Daya-Cajee.

“It is said that when a person is aligned with their purpose, they do more than what is expected of them and self-actualisation is the end result. It’s a journey of self-discovery and finding my purpose in the values, classrooms and the support structures of TSIBA — one which propelled me to find myself,” explains Mandilakhe Lungile, BBA graduate (2022), who is now working as an administrator at Intembeko Investment.

“​TSIBA has equipped me with the necessary skills and tools I need for both the corporate world and becoming an entrepreneur,” says Saabirah Daya-Cajee, TSIBA BBA Graduate 2019,  currently working as a Digital Community Manager at John Brown Media S.A.

Kareemah Abrahams.

“My TSIBA qualification has equipped me with the hard and soft skills needed to start my own business,” says Kareemah Abrahams, BBA graduate (2019), who runs her own business, Kareemah’s Delights. 

“What truly sets TSIBA apart is our unwavering commitment to prepare our students with the skills needed for successful careers in an ever-changing world. Since its inception in 2004 TSIBA has produced 1 572 business graduates, including 560 Bachelor of Business of Administration in Entrepreneurial Leadership (BBA) Alumni and 1 012 Higher Certificate in Business Administration (HCBA) Alumni. TSIBA has also produced eight Mandela Rhodes Scholars, two United Nations PRME Global Student Regional Leaders in Africa, three Kofi Annan Scholars and eight Alan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellows, while maintaining a postgraduate employment rate of above 85%”, comments Graham Moore, Executive Director: Sustainability. 

“Given the stark difference between a national youth unemployment rate of over 60% and how this number shrinks to less than 15% when armed with a tertiary degree, TSIBA has focussed on enabling determined young people to gain access to high quality tertiary education in business administration and leadership,” continues Moore. 

TSIBA has recently launched the part-time Business Studies course, which offers the flexibility to achieve study goals and work. 

Qualifications offered:

1. Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration: This advanced programme is tailored for professionals seeking to enhance their strategic thinking, leadership, and management abilities. It equips students with the tools to address complex business challenges and drive organisational success.

2. Higher Certificate in Business Administration: Ideal for those looking to kick-start their business careers, this qualification is an excellent choice for students who want a foundational understanding of business concepts, economics, marketing and management.

3. Bachelor in Business Administration: The Bachelor’s degree programme is designed for ambitious individuals who wish to delve deeper into the intricacies of business administration. Graduates are well prepared to take on leadership roles in a variety of industries.

Applications for the 2024 academic year are now open. 

Visit www.tsiba.ac.za, call 021 532 2750,

WhatsApp on 057 814 5960 or

email [email protected] for more information.

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TSIBA Business School, registered as TSIBA Education NPC is a not-for-profit accredited higher education institution which provides fully-funded, and quality tertiary education to talented and ambitious students from at-risk communities in South Africa. 

At TSIBA, all undergraduate students study on full or highly subsidised scholarships, thereby removing financial barriers to quality tertiary education. 

TSIBA works to transition talented young people from unemployability into active economic citizenship through access to quality business education and leadership development, an aim which we believe is paramount given the massive levels of youth unemployability in South Africa. 

Since inception in 2004 we have provided more than 8 500 annual tuition scholarships to students who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to access and complete tertiary studies with a relevant and accredited business qualification.