/ 2 May 2024

Inside the high stake world of celebrities who love gambling 

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The sheer thrill gambling offers is a key reason why celebrities partake in it; and it’s also a social activity

When you think of your favorite celebrities, you usually think of their on-screen lives and how they dazzle in movies and TV shows. Beyond those thrilling acts, it’s not hard to imagine them living an off-screen life filled with fun and excitement. In fact, many of them share a common pass-time activity: gambling.

Celebrities are not strangers to gambling, from high-stakes casino slot games to football betting, horse betting, and many more; they are popularly known for their penchant and fondness for gambling. Why do so many celebrities love gambling even if it could be addictive?

Key reasons celebrities love gambling 

The sheer thrill gambling offers is one of the key reasons why many of our favorite celebrities love gambling. Whether they’re performing stunts for the upcoming blockbuster film or touring the world, many of our favorite celebrities enjoy high-stakes, high-reward gambling. Gambling provides a thrilling experience, somewhat unlike these. The thrill of the adrenaline is real, whether it’s when a card in a poker game or the roulette wheel spins.

Gambling is also a social activity, and celebrities love social activities. Casinos are usually places where famous individuals may network in addition to being places to gamble. Being a part of a select group of people who share a passion can lead to enduring friendships and worthwhile connections, which can be quite advantageous in the world of celebrities. While on set, several celebs also spend their time at top casinos.

For some celebrities, gambling is not just a pastime activity; they take it seriously. For example, Ben Affleck is well-known for being a skilled player at blackjack and poker. In this instance, developing a skill — just like they would for a movie role or musical performance — is more important than pure luck. This challenge has the potential to be very fulfilling. Our celebrities are also people with regular lives that they need to escape. They have an equal opportunity to be like everyone else when they gamble in Singapore — well, aside from the amount of money they can wager.

Although the possibility of financial gain may appear alluring, celebrities are frequently not the main draw to gambling in Singapore. The biggest draw for many is the game itself. In reality, many celebrities donate their winnings to charitable organizations, viewing their success as a bonus for the excitement of gambling.

Top celebrities who love gambling

Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire is quite honest about his love of gambling. The Spider-Man actor participated in the World Series of Poker in public, employing strategies he had picked up from renowned poker player Daniel Negreanu. It’s nice to hear that Maguire has amassed almost $10 million in poker wins. The fact that the celebrity enjoys participating in underground gaming is a drawback. When he won large amounts of money from a player and was later found guilty of tax, wire and investment fraud, this resulted in legal issues. The celebrity reportedly had to pay $80 000 to sort out his legal problems.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck, the Batman actor, is renowned for being a devoted poker and blackjack player, having taken home the California State Poker Championship in 2004. Runner, Runner, a 2013 drama about gambling, starring Affleck and Justin Timberlake. The biography of Nat Arem, an accountant and expert poker player who used statistical techniques to examine hundreds of games and uncover online poker cheating, inspired a portion of the film.

Matt Damon

Actor Matt Damon, a close friend of Affleck’s, is reported to be an avid poker player who is well-known among notable bettors. The Good Will Hunting actor is rumored to like playing Texas hold’em in opulent hotels in Las Vegas. Similar to Affleck, Damon has starred in a movie inspired by poker, Rounders, a drama from 1998 that explores the world of high-stakes poker behind closed doors. Damon visited New York’s underground casinos and studied under seasoned players to prepare for the part. He even succeeded in participating in exclusive competitions run by the infamous Molly Bloom. Some accounts claim he lost over $40 000 in a single game. Damon only plays with friends and at charitable events these days.

Ray Romano

Actor Ray Romano shot to fame as a middle-class family man navigating the ups and downs of American suburban life with his sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond. Romano became one of the highest-paid actors on television and with it came fame and wealth. Romano wagers virtually instead of regularly visiting live betting or casino websites like he used to. Though he makes fun of the fact that it’s not truly gambling, he does participate in the World Series of Poker. He is aware of his lack of chances of success. According to Romano, he doesn’t think of himself as one of the best famous gamblers. Romano has once had gambling issues, which he eventually overcame. This highlights the risk of celebrity gambling.

Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer Tilly gained recognition from roles in well-known films such as Bride of Chucky and The Fabulous Baker Boys. In the hit sitcom Modern Family, she portrayed Shorty’s girlfriend and was nominated for an Academy Award. One of her best-kept secrets is her love of poker. Tilly has pushed her passion for the game to a whole new level, unlike other famous people hooked on gambling. She studied poker diligently, approached it tactically, and took the game seriously. As a result, she is now one of the few renowned gamblers who can compete in professional games.