The M&G Party Policy Quiz

M&G Elections 2024 Quiz – FINAL VERSION

Who should you be voting for on May 29th?

The IEC expects more than 70 political parties to contest this year’s national elections. Take this Mail & Guardian quiz to help you find the party with which you most align.

Answer these 10 short questions to discover and share your results now.

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1. The issue of land redistribution is an issue that will play a vital role in the 2024 election. Land redistribution should?
2. The proposed National Health Insurance (NHI) to improve quality of and access to quality public health care is a key election issue. Should National Health Insurance be introduced?
3. Migration; the policing of South Africa’s borders and the role of migrants in the country’s economy are of increasing importance. Should South Africa?
4. More than 26 million South Africans depend on state grants for their survival. Should South Africa introduce a Basic Income Grant (BIG) or some other form of permanent measure to assist the poor?
5. All of South Africa’s political parties have promised to end load shedding if you vote for them, but they differ greatly as to how they will do it. Should South Africa?
6. The Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) policy has been in place for 30 years to address historical economic imbalances created by apartheid. Should it be retained?
7. South Africans are fed up with crime and corruption, which all of the parties across the board are promising to address after the 29 May poll. How should they do it?
8. South Africa is facing a growing crisis in the provision of water to communities. Should we?
9. Government appears to no longer have the ability to provide low cost housing to address South Africa’s housing crisis. Should we?
10. Among the greatest drains on South Africa’s fiscus are the high state wage bill. Should we?
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