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Bringing phys ed back for all

The pendulum is swinging in favour of physical education once again with the Department of Education adopting a memorandum of agreement to reinstate physical education at schools.

Finger-pointing deadlock

Heated words are flying between the Department of Education (DoE) and teacher unions as they blame each other for the faltering process of teacher appraisals.

A calling for people with a nose for news

News about the London bombings break at the same time J-Lo's latest tantrum makes world headlines - welcome to the global village, courtesy of 24-hour media networks.

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind

Childhood is a stage of human development full of promise and endless possibilities. The influences that shape the mind and body of the young person have lasting effects. These include the obvious such as factual knowledge and conceptual thinking as taught in schools, as well as the general development of value systems and a sense of morality as shaped by family and society. What, then, is the role of physical activity?

An all-South African game

It may not be a sport that will make you a millionaire or take you to the Olympics, but youngsters still enjoy a good game of jukskei.

For the love of law

Charné Nel* speaks about her career in law the same way some people speak about chocolate - she luuuurvs it!

Language battle continues

A pioneering language project that has been running for five years is facing closure because of the Gauteng department of education's (GDE) reluctance to support it.

Slow-paying parents forced to foot legal bill

A mother who was slow to pay school fees ended up with a bill from lawyers that was more than her initial debt.

Angel in spangly spandex

Fellow students are never slow to apologise if they bump into Erin Marshall in the corridors. That is the name she is known by to others on her courses in leisure and recreation, sport and drama. But they also know her other name. On the professional wrestling circuit, Marshall fights as Erin Angel.

At home in a foreign land

"Let the foreigners go back to their own countries and sort out their own problems." So said a principal last year while rejecting an invitation for his school to participate in an event that explored xenophobia.

Careers that care for the whole human

The field of health care is not all about doctors and nurses in white lab coats. These days, there are many career options aimed at maintaining and improving peoples general well-being.

Facing the facts of life

The Dominican Convent in Belgravia, Johannesburg, embraces many of the values and traditions of the Catholic Church. But it also recognises that learners must face the facts of life head-on - including sex and the real threat of HIV.

Building business brains starts at school

The government believes entrepreneurship can help solve the countrys high unemployment levels.

Free career counselling

Making a career choice as a teen is always tough, but making this major life decision with very little career guidance, support or information is close to impossible.

Inside OBE: Teachers must take charge

In the previous edition of the Teacher, I introduced a different way of thinking about "the basics" in education. They are the basics not of learning skills, but of the conditions that make learning happen, and they apply directly -- and even urgently -- to the daily work of teachers. To introduce these “real” basics, I established four things.

Merger madness

The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) seems to be losing the plot in addressing the problem of declining enrolment at some schools in Soweto.

Open the doors of learning and culture now

Fifty years ago this month, the Freedom Charter boldly proclaimed for all to know: The doors of learning and culture shall be opened. It contains one of the best formulations of the right to education evident today:

Suffer, little children

Freshly painted in yellow and blue, Kamohelo Preschool in the township of Rammolutse at Viljoenskroon in the Free State, stands out from the row of shacks that surrounds it. This early childhood development (ECD) centre is, like so many dotted around South Africa, struggling to provide an education foundation to preschoolers in the bleak terrain of dire poverty.