Toyota loses its top spot

Based on sales figures for the year to date, the Japanese car manufacturer is no longer king.

Licenses could take four years

The process of getting a driver's license may take up to four years if a new proposal is given the go ahead, the Department of Transport says.

Hamilton apologises for Massa collision

Lewis Hamilton apologised to Felipe Massa for their latest collision, saying he has "respect" for the Brazilian despite a series of heated incidents.

New vehicle sales surge 30%

September's vehicle sales rose 30% compared to the same period last year, in a boost attributed partly to low interest rates and aggressive marketing.

Sasol to do feasibility study on US gas-to-liquid plant

Petrochemicals group Sasol said on Tuesday it would conduct a feasibility study on a potential gas-to-liquids plant in the US.

Tyre industry left threadbare

Tyre-makers have fought a six-year battle against what they claim is dumping from China.

Safety fears spark F1 action at Belgian Grand Prix

F1 bosses have moved to ban the drag reduction system through the high-speed Eau Rouge corner during Sunday's Belgian Grand Prix for safety reasons.

Fuel strike over: Unions accept 8.5% pay hike

Industrial action in the chemical and fuel sectors has come to an end after employers reached an agreement on wage increases on Thursday.

How to buy a cheap SA car. Go overseas

Although world-class cars are manufactured in SA, local consumers are paying much more for these cars than buyers in other countries.

Avoiding repossession

I can't afford my car repayments. Should I sell my car or give it back to the bank?

Dealing with car insurance

<b>Gareth Stokes</b> looks at ways to ensure you get the best mix of price, cover and benefit from your motor insurer.

Insurance ‘fronting’ for your children is not a good idea

Insurance fronting is not only foolish -- it is also fraudulent.

How to reduce your monthly car expenses

Look closely at your fuel costs, monthly instalments, monthly running costs and insurance.

Bad month of May for new vehicle sales

New vehicle sales took a knock in May, the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa has revealed.

Car makers cash in on subsidies

Industrial incentives are costing taxpayers billions, with vehicle subsidies -- the largest expense -- totalling more than R51-billion.

Discovery’s new short-term insurance

Using Vitality as a model, Discovery is offering drivers rewards for improving driving performance. Who isn't in favour of fuel rewards these days?

Drinking, driving, insurance and you

A zero-alcohol limit for drivers could bring our insurance premiums down. Reason enough to support this initiative?

SA’s April vehicle sales up 8%

New vehicle sales rose by 8% year-on-year in April to 38&nbsp;566 units, the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers said on Wednesday.