Seven insurers sue Toyota over acceleration crashes

Seven insurance companies have sued Toyota Motor Corp in an attempt to recover money paid to cover crashes they blame on sudden acceleration.

Toyota to pay $32m fine in US safety probe

Toyota has agreed to pay the maximum fine of $32,4-million related to two US probes into its handling of a spate vehicle recalls.

Toyota aims to expand 2011 global sales by 3%

Toyota Motor Corp said on Tuesday it expects global sales to grow 3% to 7,7-million vehicles next year.

Opel expects a loss of 1,4-billion this year

Opel has reported that it suspects it will run at a loss of around 1,4-billion euros for 2010 and said that it hopes to make a profit in 2012.

GM shares lose momentum in post-IPO return

General Motors made a triumphant return to Wall Street but its shares lost momentum after an early bounce.

Slow start to Pretoria taxi protest

The planned taxi protest over the implementation of the government's new traffic demerit system got off to a slow start in Pretoria on Tuesday.

Mitsubishi to recall 250 000 vehicles in Japan

Japan's fourth-largest car-maker, Mitsubishi Motors, will recall about 250 000 vehicles in Japan due to engine oil leaks.

Buying a second-hand car

What do I need to know when buying a second-hand car privately?

Toyota to recall 136 000 cars over steering fault

Toyota on Thursday announced a recall of almost 136 000 compact cars in Japan and Europe to fix a steering problem.

Nissan to recall two million vehicles

Japan's Nissan Motor company said on Thursday it was recalling more than 2,1-million cars globally due to a faulty engine-control system.

Male drivers waste money getting lost

It's official -- men don't ask for directions and spend a lot of time driving in circles, wasting thousands of rands in petrol.

Readers are ready to spend on cars

Why people are ready to spend on cars but not clothes.

Kids, cars and insurance — what you need to know

You may think you're a doing your child a favour buying him a R500 000 car and putting him on your insurance, right?

Strikes slow SA vehicle sales growth

The rate of growth in sales of vehicles produced in SA slowed sharply in September, hit by a drop in exports and by strikes that affected output.

The real cost of a balloon payment

How bad can a balloon payment on your car be? Bad, very bad, writes <b>Maya Fisher-French</b>

Changes to company car fringe benefits could hurt your pocket

How changes to company car fringe benefits will affect your take-home pay.

Tow-truck scams to watch out for

Not all tow-truck operators are unscrupulous -- but those that are can cost you dearly.

Taxi drivers march against demerit system

Pretoria commuters will be without transport on Wednesday as taxi associations march in the city against the implementation of the demerit system.