What can the government do to limit cyber threats?

Governments need to formalise cyber-related information sharing and cooperation to unify the response to cyberattacks

Whiskey, car keys, teenage boys … and taxes

As modern life becomes more complex, the size of civil services grows — and so does the wage bill

Richard Calland: No walls high enough against KZN floods for migrating middle class

Flooding in KZN has shown that walls aren't high enough in the end to protect migrating middle and upper classes from our shared reality

Iman Rappetti: The seasonal yearning for a ritual of a religious exile

My spiritual home is no longer Christianity and Islam but I miss the soundtrack and rites of my former beliefs

OPINION| Amend laws to allow businesses to boost education and food security

Prioritise vocational training, introduce economic empowerment for the disadvantaged in the place of black economic empowerment and amend the Consumer Protection Act to enable businesses to donate food

OPINION| Why should an entrepreneurial mindset mean something to you?

Collaboration is essential for interventions that inculcate entrepreneurship in our youth

OPINION| History, US and Nato’s push against the ‘East’ drives Ukraine war

From Russia’s perspective — since the east Slavic state of Kievan-Rus circa 1053 to the betrayals of 1812, 1914 and 1941 and the broken promises from 1994, especially 2008 and 2014 — Ukraine is an integral part of Russia

OPINION| Wretched zones of the damned in South Africa

Durban and the eThekwini region was in decline – fuelled by corruption and political killings – before the deadly floods sank it

OPINION| Energy security and geopolitics: Why nuclear power makes sense

Coal commits climate sins so wind and solar energy are good alternatives but suffer intermittency — and now the European Union is reclassifying nuclear as green energy

Khaya Koko: Dan Teffo is the staring of the Senzo Meyiwa trial

Advocate Dan Teffo, who represents four of the accused in the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial, is the perfect Hollywood lead

OPINION | Rhoda Kadalie, the loudmouth, is dead

The anti-apartheid activist, feminist and fighter was outspoken and for this made enemies. But she had heart — lots of heart. She died on 16 April

Trailblazers, ferrymen and shepherds: the leaders SA needs

Does President Cyril Ramaphosa recognise himself in one of these descriptions of leaders? And will he listen to the recommendations of the Conscious Leadership and Ethics Summit?

In the time of wars and refugees, let us now talk peace

When Russia illegally invaded Ukraine, was not that the moment for the United Nations to send its secretary general to Moscow to demand a ceasefire?

OPINION| Domestic violence survivors deserve to be free too

It is hoped the regulations for the Domestic Violence Amendment Act strengthen the criminal justice and broader sociomedical systemic response to domestic violence

Two city managers, one municipality: Why reforms are urgent

As a recent court case in Nelson Mandela Bay shows, the city management appointment process should be purely administrative and stripped of politics

‘Great Resignation’ trend bypasses SA as more and more people join the jobs queue

Being picky about jobs is not a luxury the average South African can afford and the number of job seekers is rapidly rising

This generation has the responsibility to ensure all South Africans are free

The emphasis on Freedom Day should be on recapturing what we dreamed freedom would mean for everyone in this country

What does SADC’s new military approach in Mozambique mean?

What seems to have informed South African Development Community’s new approach is the need to enhance the gains made in controlling the insurgency