Soft targets: The killing of Olaf Palme and Dulcie September

What was behind the assassinations in the 1980s of two key anti-apartheid figures: Swedish Prime Minister, Olof Palme, and senior ANC official, Dulcie September?

One step closer to inclusionary housing in Cape Town

Recouping public good in the form of affordable housing from private developments is a powerful tool with which to tackle equitable access to land and the right to a home

Racism endures, especially in Covid times

The Chinese community has been part of South Africa for 300 years, yet their contributions remain overlooked and they continue to experience discrimination

Let the people lead if responses to tackle HIV are to be effective

A leading Kenyan public health and community-based health care specialist knows the importance of local level involvement, particularly for epidemics and pandemics

Published contracts are a powerful antidote to corruption

The oil, gas and mining industries will benefit from the extractive industries transparency initiative in 2021

Two Acts linked to political party funding have not been promulgated

The electorate needs to know who gives parties money, but the amended Promotion of Access to Information Act and the Political Party Funding Act are in limbo

DA: Stalkers and sicknotes

Interacting with the opposition’s leaders is enough to drive one to paranoia, giggles, perhaps even to the Freedom Front

We need answers about the Vrede dairy project

On Ace Magashule’s watch, speaking out has cost more than a few whistleblowers their lives

Carlos on Busi’s imaginary rogues

There's no such thing as an abominable rogue unit-corn

Put human rights at the centre of our battle against Covid-19

Government and civil society must develop a rights-based response to Covid-19, because epidemics are won by strengthening rights, not trampling on them

Towards a gender-equal world: a mission for all

While a fair and inclusive world means a more prosperous and safer world for all of us, gender equality is an objective in its own right

Editorial: SA’s sad tale wagged by ANC dogma

To all intents and purposes, the ANC is the government. It is South Africa. The policies made at Luthuli House decide where we go. The corollary of this is that anything bad in the ANC quickly poisons our state and its institutions.

Covid-19 arrived and statism took hold

In following an international, scientific approach the state assumed extraordinary power over people

Plastic to replace the stone jug in Nelson Mandela Bay

The early release of the metro’s loose cannon Lungisa has everyone guessing about his next outburst

China’s resource-for-infrastructure deals

Are RFIs a viable model for aiding Africa’s economic development?

Why the Big Fish escape the justice net

The small fish get caught. Jails are used to control the poor and disorderly and deflect attention from the crimes of the rich and powerful.

Eskom secretive about its study into seismic activity and Koeberg nuclear station

Extending the life of an aging nuclear plant, which generates only a small portion of South Africa’s electricity, in an earthquake fault zone is not worth the risk

People with disabilities can work if barriers go

People with disabilities are seen as deficits, yet research confirms that supported employment is affordable

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