Do monarchies in Africa serve their people?

We must ask difficult questions about our cultures and begin reinventing our futures, writes Andile Zulu

Koeberg plot, FBI rot

Two unrelated tales of citizen activism are a salient reminder that ordinary people can do extraordinary things

To talk of cabbages and kings

Fearing a third wave of Covid, our columnist swaps the royal funeral for a planting ceremony of a different kind in downtown Durbs

Polish your company’s culture

The original founder of the Sorbet beauty salon chain says there is an easy-to-follow formula to building a winning corporate ethos

What will it take for the police to stop killing our citizens?

Even when their brutality is caught on camera and shown on television, officers seem to walk away scot-free

Why words matter

When the M&G apologised for using the word ‘paralysed’ metaphorically in a newspaper headline, some Twitter users responded with allegations of ‘wokeness gone mad’. But as cultural practices evolve, it doesn’t hurt to try to be kind first

Adam Habib, you can’t say the N-word

The former Wits leader won’t get away with anti-Blackness in the UK by hiding behind a politically Black identity

Women environmental activists often pay the ultimate price

The violent murder of Mam’ Ntshangase is not the first of its kind and will most certainly not be the last

Asinamali: Selective austerity is stealing our future

We’re all feeling the pinch, government included. But where it does spend its money is instructive

Corporate amends: What is enough?

Without getting to the bottom of the problem or offence, apologies and offers ring hollow.

The monarchy must confront its colonial, racist past

The royals and Britons have benefited from living in a country built on empire, trade and slavery.

Khaya Sithole: SABC — about levies, licences and lobbyists

The public broadcaster needs to overhaul its funding model if it is to fulfil its mandate

Police violence: A life stolen

There’s a darkness on the streets – and it is not caused by Eskom – as the cops unleash a new wave of unnecessary violence

Apartheid lives: Why we still use that era’s ‘racial’ categories

While race is still central, it is the battle among the rich for the wealth of South Africa that has exacerbated inequality

Governments’ ‘muddle-through’ Covid-19 policies are misguided

Leaders across the world have bypassed the essential need to negotiate consent in democratic societies by imposing restrictions on their populations

Few wealthy families employ a philanthropic strategy

Having a formal plan in place helps families and trusts to assist others more efficiently when crisis strikes

Mogoeng Mogoeng: A chief justice for such a time as this

The JCC’s recent ruling against the chief justice is a win for accountability that enforces the principles of judicial authority

Covid-19: Knowns, unknowns and opportunities

In the middle of the crisis lies a world of opportunities on which we can capitalise

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