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Intelligence failure on co-ordinated insurrection will cost South Africa billions

The state’s inability to foresee or forestall this week’s frightening and destructive series of events defies explanation

Transformation of business still very much on the agenda

As our old heroes Don Mkhwanazi and Lot Ndlovu would remind us, now is not the time to be complacent

Doctor speaks out about the mental toll of Covid-19 and now the unrest

Despite the life-threatening anarchy occurring in areas where we work, one is still expected to show up and replace fear and anxiety with warmth and enthusiasm

What are the various Covid-19 vaccines being used in SA and how well do they work?

The vaccines being used to fight the pandemic take at least two weeks after inoculation to become effective — and nonpharmaceutical interventions remain crucial

Mediation is an effective tool for conflict resolution

This process enables people in a dispute to have control over their own destiny and find solutions that fit their lifestyle and situations

The ANC is a postcolonial disappointment

How Frantz Fanon’s dire predictions about the postcolony are coming true in South Africa

Construction sector must embrace digitalisation

Historically, the built environment sector has been reluctant to embrace reform, but it cannot afford to now

The ‘girl from Africa’ who is taking ubuntu to the world

Elizabeth Nyamayaro’s new book argues that the philosophy from Africa can change the way the West interacts with the continent it colonised, stereotypes and continues to misunderstand

People-centred national security: Pipe dream or existential imperative?

A national security strategy can only be effective if it can build its core elements around the resilience of the people

Choose platforms that support their gig economy workers survive during a pandemic

A FairWork report has highlighted the South African platforms that innovated to show loyalty to their workers under lockdowns

ConCourt gets uBaba to Estcourt

Our most ‘gangster’ ex-president chooses jail over testifying at Zondo. Our columnist – not half as hard – picks the jab over Covid

Khaya Sithole: Men still prefer iron fists to be in velvet gloves

In workplaces, women who display ‘big-man’ leadership styles will experience sexist judgments

Hatred of women thrives in South Africa

Gender-based violence starts with words, it starts at home when boys learn that girls are inferior

The danger of Zuma’s Zulu nationalism

Jacob Zuma successfully used an appeal to tribal identity for his ascent to the presidency. And he tried to use it again to avoid being sent to jail

Book extract: The Great Pretenders: Race and Class under ANC Rule

In the introduction to his book, author Ebrahim Harvey says the social crisis we have today is the result of the false understanding the ruling party has of our society and history

The shipping industry is under pressure, which could hurt South Africa’s retail high season

Importers need to mitigate the risks of receiving orders late and keep costs in check

Zuma’s response to woman judge an ‘illustration of textbook misogyny’

The former president was admonished by a male judge during his trial for rape and responded meekly

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