OPINION | A revitalised Non-Aligned Movement could help foster global peace

The principles of pacifism, justice and international cooperation could help rebalance the scales of global politics away from racist wars and toward a peaceful future

Africa has the means to beat our worst diseases

The continent has the scientific leadership and intellectual capital to develop new technologies and interventions

How the metaverse will change the way we work for the better

Hybrid and remote work is here to stay and will bring huge benefits for people and organisations everywhere

OPINION| Africa’s urbanisation is an opportunity to create great cities

The combination of a population set to double by 2050 and the world’s fastest rate of urbanisation means African cities will face challenges of sustainable growth

OPINION| Unilateral sanctions against Russia will produce a global food disaster

The G7 has wrongly blamed the looming crisis on blocked Ukraine exports, which are far smaller than Russia’s global share of fertiliser and food exports

Are we being the leaders that our youth deserve?

With unemployment in that sector at almost catastrophic levels, it is essential to ensure that the drain of skills to other countries is halted in its tracks and that sound business principles and practices are established

OPINION|Nuclear is South Africa’s energy solution

Small modular nuclear reactors can help South Africa transition to a low-carbon economy

OPINION| Researchers develop innovative finance approach to help banks fight global warming

An adjunct professor from the University of Cape Town’s African Institute of Financial Markets and Risk Management has collaborated with other academics on a novel and easily-implementable way for banks and financial institutions to step up their role in driving sustainable finance and combating climate change

OPINION | Tokenising equity can revolutionise capital financing as the JSE falters

The bourse has never looked so vulnerable with many companies delisting and few new entries.

OPINION| Building business sustainability is not just an expensive, developed-world problem

African businesses have the power to reduce the effect of climate change through sustainable business models and circular economy practices

OPINION| Have you been hacked?

A cool and calm head is the greatest protection against a hack that could ruin your life

OPINION| Americans free to live under the gun. How’s that working out?

Another dreadful school massacre in the US raises the question: Will Americans ever get to grips with the ghastly phenomenon?

The cruelty of chocolate cake denied

Indulging in delicious, sugary food is a delight but the consequences are being tired, breathless, lethargic and bloated — especially for a diabetic

OPINION | Pride month: Social attitudes still have a way to go

Let us celebrate this event together and move towards a fully inclusive world.

OPINION | The Russian embassy rejects accusation of ‘provoking global famine’ spread by Western propaganda

One cannot in good faith accuse Russia of soaring inflation and subsequent price hikes, as this is a major problem attributable to the West

Multilateralism has a role in an evolving world

The climate crisis, Russia’s war in Ukraine and the Covid-19 pandemic have increased levels of poverty

Under-siege Soweto doctors beef up security

The suspect in a medic’s murder has sought bail and Soweto doctors have threatened to shut their practices over his killing and numerous robberies

OPINION | South Africa is not a peaceful country

There are endless protests over service delivery, gender-based violence, crime, the July 2021 unrest and, of course, Operation Dudula’s violence towards foreigners