#LifeEsidimeni: ‘There may still be uncounted bodies in state mortuaries’

The health ombudsman has found 94 mental health patients died because of state negligence. Laura Lopez Gonzalez tells Mia Malan what happened.

Life Esidimeni: ‘My son had death in his face’

A father speaks out about the terrible conditions his son died in after being removed from state-funded hospital care at Life Esidimeni.

‘If government can give us flavoured condoms, it can give us free pads’

Find out which departments need to step up to make free pads a reality for people who menstruate.

A 10-year investigation finally fingers Southern African ARV thieves

In the late 2000s, a trio of businessmen smuggled expired ARVs from Africa into Europe and sold them at a 4 000% markup. This is why it's news now.

How an international syndicate profited from Southern Africa’s HIV epidemics

Lionel Faull takes us inside the investigation that exposed an ARV-smuggling syndicate that have managed to escape South African justice.

Health MEC: ‘Esidimeni wasn’t my responsibility’

The former Gauteng health MEC says it wasn't her job to visit organisations prior to transferring state patients into their care.

What if you don’t identify as a man or a woman?

Bathrooms, pronouns and growing up in a binary world. Mia Malan speaks to Demelza Bush about being genderqueer.

Lidudumalingani Mqombothi: I don’t know English for sh*t”

The 2016 Caine Prize recipient visited the M&G studio to talk to Friday's Milisuthando Bongela and Kwanele Sosibo about contemporary writing.

Quality, credible journalism while cash-strapped? It’s possible, here’s how.

How did the M&G go from low circulation and retrenchments to the only paper with major growth? Ashraf Garda finds out from editor Verashni Pillay.

#ThisFlag pastor Evan Mawarire’s sister: ‘If we fear, we fear together’

Teldah Mawarire speaks to the M&G's Ra'eesa Pather about her brother Evan and the dangers of being an activist in Zimbabwe.

PrEP: The dos and don’ts of using an HIV prevention pill safely and effectively

Daily PrEP use can lower your risk of getting HIV from sex by about 90%. Kevin Rebe tells Mia Malan how to use PrEP properly.

Why contraception and the HIV prevention pill go hand in hand

If you're a young woman, would you take a two-in-one HIV prevention pill? Mia Malan and Kevin Rebe talk PrEP and contraception.

[PODCAST] Your GP can prescribe a pill that will make you less likely to contract HIV

Truvada is available in SA's private health sector and is in the process of being expanded to the public sector. Mia Malan talks PrEP with Kevin Rebe.

PrEP user talks sex, condoms and HIV

Ben Brown tells Mia Malan about his experience of using a pill that reduces his chances of HIV infection.

Non-lung TB, the silent killer

TB is not only found in the lungs. You can get TB anywhere in your body, but it is very difficult to diagnose.

Most South Africans have the TB germ – so why aren’t they sick?

About 80% of people have the TB germ inside their bodies, but that doesn't mean they will all develop the disease.

TB and diabetes: Are they linked?

Are people with diabetes more likely to get TB? Dr Bart Willems says yes.

Can drug-resistant TB get cured?

Only half of people with multidrug resistant TB are cured, and patients run a high risk of losing their hearing due to the drugs.

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